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Undergraduate Library Tour

Welcome to the Undergraduate Library!

This tour will acquaint you with services and resources offered in the Undergraduate Library. It will show you where you can get assistance from Undergraduate Library staff and where you will find computers, printers, scanners, copiers and more.

The Undergraduate Library - Upper Level

Follow the tour by walking to your right and continuing around the upper level of the library until you return to your starting point.
More information about a local can be found by locating the corresponding numbers below the map.

UGL Upper Level

Service Desks (stops 1-3)

At the Circulation Desk, you can:

 At the Research Desk, you can:

At the Partners Desk, you can:

Library Computers and Printing Facilities

Scattered throughout the library are both PC and Macintosh public computers to help you begin your research; these computers also include the Microsoft Suite of products. We also have both Mac and PC laptops available for checkout at our Circulation Desk.

Please note that the entire library is wireless. In addition there are walk-up jacks along the walls and pillars to accommodate your laptop computer.

Printers are located near Research Desk on the upper lever of the UGL. You may charge print jobs to your student account, or pay cash at the Circulation Desk. To find out more, visit our Printing Information page.

The Magazine and New Books Area (stop 4)

Just beyond the Partner's Desk are shelves that contain the most recent issues of the library's periodicals and the newest fiction and nonfiction books acquired by the library.

Collaboration Rooms (stop 5)

As you walk back toward the Writers Workshop, note the Collaboration Rooms (also known as group study rooms). These study rooms accommodate up to six students and each include a white board, a TV and DVD player or DVD/VCR combo unit. Rooms 1 & 2 each have a table equipped with 6 laptops/tablet-to-VGA connectors so that students plug in their laptops and share/switch between them on the big screen LCD in the room. The rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis but can be booked ahead of time online.

Writers Workshop (stop 6)

The English Department operates the Writers Workshop, where experienced tutors are available to help you. You may make an appointment or just walk in to discuss any aspect of the writing process. The hours of operation are posted on the door.


Near the Collaboration Rooms and a bit past the Writers Workshop you will find copy machines. For more information on costs and procedures, see our Photocopiers and Copy Cards information page.

CITES Computing Lab and Room 291 (stop 7)

Room 291 is the Undergrad Teaching Lab. This lab is used for library instruction classes and library workshops.

To the left of the Library Instruction classroom is a CITES computer lab, Room 289, which is open most of the same hours as the Undergraduate Library. A CITES consultant is on duty in the lab at all times to assist you if you have questions or problems. Other CITES computers are located between Room 291 and the back staircase. These computers require a Net ID and password. CITES printing is located near Room 289.

Video Production Studio (Room 295)

Room 295 is home to the Media Commons Video Production Studio . Students, faculty and staff have access to professional video and sound equipment, along with lighting and a green screen. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Media Commons.

Media Commons & CITES Help Desk (stop 8)

Get help and troubleshooting tips for software, hardware and technology from CITES and Media Commons employees at this central service desk.

Gaming Zone (stop 9)

At our Gaming Zone you can play video games from a variety of systems. (PSP, Wii, X-Box and more!) Visit our gaming initiative page to see what is available for checkout and how to use the gaming center.

Media Viewing Booths

Near the windows on the north side, across from the Media Commons & CITES Help Desk, you will find four Media Viewing Stations. Each station is equipped with a 32-inch flat screen TV, a Blu-ray player and a DVD/VHS combo player.

Scanning Stations

Next to the media viewing stations are our Book Scanning Stations, which scans materials to a USB drive. You will also find other scanners (that don't require USBs) attached to computers throughout the upper level of the Undergraduate Library. To find out more, see our Printing and Scanning information section.

Loanable Technology Desk (stop 10)

Next to the gaming area is the Loanable Technology Desk. Here you can check out various technology items, including laptops, mp3 players, and headphones for in-library use.

Security Gates

As you exit through the glass doors you will note the gated area in the foyer. In order to leave the Undergraduate Library, everyone must pass through these security devices. They prevent patrons from exiting the library with materials that have not been properly checked out. Attempting to carry out such items sets off an alarm that alerts library staff.

The Undergraduate Library - Lower Level

Follow the tour by walking to your right and continuing around the lower level of the library until you return to your starting point.
More information about a local can be found by locating the corresponding numbers below the map. If you are looking for quiet study space in the Undergrad, this is where you want to come. Keep in mind when working on this floor other students expect you to respect the Quiet Study signs.

UGL Lower Level 


The Question Board

The Question Board is an anonymous question and answer service provided by the Undergraduate Library. Students submit questions, mostly about trivia and general information on forms located at the Question Board or online. You can read the answers online, search through the archives or listen to our podcasts.

Media Collection

In the enclosure across from the Question Board is the library's circulating Media Collection. Included are a wide variety of materials on videocassette, audiocassette, CD and DVD. You can check out materials at our Self Check Stations outside the enclosure. To learn more about how to search the collection and the circulation policies for media items, visit our Media Collection information page.


Just beyond the Question Board you will find a copy machine. For more information on costs and procedures, see our Photocopiers and Copy Cards information page.

Magazines & Journals

At the beginning of the book stacks on your right, you will note shelves that contain older issues of magazines and journals the Undergrad subscribes to. The Undergraduate Library subscribes to dozens of magazines and journals, ranging from Rolling Stone and Gentleman’s Quarterly to Philosophical Review and New England Journal of Medicine. All periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title. You may not check out periodicals from the Undergraduate Library, but you may use the photocopiers or scanners to save articles for your research.

The Undergraduate Library Books

Beyond the bound periodicals you will find the beginning of the Undergraduate Library’s Circulating Book Collection. The books are shelved using the Library of Congress system, so call numbers start with A and then continue around the back of the building in the shape of a large horseshoe to call numbers starting with Z. You can find oversized books on the lower shelves. As you make your way around the stacks, notice the study carrels, or individual study booths, available to you for quiet study.

The Media Viewing Booths

Just past the Media Collection, you will find four Media Viewing Stations. All are equipped with TVs and DVD/VHS combo players. Station #6 also has a Betamax player and stations #7 and #8 have LaserDisc players.

Media Editing and Reading Rooms

Behind the Media Collection, you will find two Media Editing Rooms.The Media Editing Rooms have Macs with specific software to help you create and edit movies and audio files. Located inside the Media Collection are two Reading Rooms, each with  a table and chairs for quiet study. To see how to check out a key to one of these rooms, see our Media Editing Room policy page.


Also outside the enclosure are lockers to hold your personal items while you browse or study. Not to be used for overnight storage, lockers are opened and emptied nightly.

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