Group Rooms / Study Rooms

Reserve a Room

  1. Start on the Dibs! website at:
  2. Select number of people per room
  3. Select the booking length (1/2 hour to 2 hours total)
  4. Select the desired booking date
  5. Click Search to see a list of available spaces
  6. Select which Library building you are interested in and then Select a room
  7. Fill out the form with your contact information 
  8. Click Call Dibs
  9. A confirmation email with room details, confirmation code, and cancellation link will be sent to the email address you provide.

Room types

The UIUC Libraries offer a variety of rooms that can be reserved by groups of 2 or more individuals. 

Upper Level Group Rooms

collaboration room Group Room Policies:

Group Room Features:

Lower Level Quiet Study Rooms

Have a smaller group of 2 or 3? Need a quieter space? Reserve one of our reading rooms on the lower level. quiet study room

Media Commons Presentation Spaces and Collaboration Rooms.

For additional areas for group collaboration and student presentation options in the Undergraduate Library see: and