Policy and Procedures for Reserving Technology Items


Policy and Procedures for Booking (Reserving)Technology Items


Certain types of loanable technology can be reserved ahead of time if there are no other reservations (short loan bookings).  The library purchases loanable technology to support class projects. In order to accommodate the vast number of students who may need the equipment, the library reserves the right to limit the number of times a patron can request an item (or similar item) during the semester. Typically we require 72 hours after a return of an item allowing  a "like" or similar item to be checked out. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Library administration. 

Policy for Short Loan Bookings:


Additional Information

Approved 11/9/10

Updated 9/11/12 to reflect the change in policy of allowing most items to be renewed

Updated 10/15/12 to reflect the change in policy of not allowing for consecutive bookings of an item (or similar) item.

Updated 03/24/2014 to emphasis a 72 hour interval before checking out a "similar item"

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