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Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players are available at the Undergraduate Library Information Services Desk. They include a power adapter for car cigarette lighters, as well as a remote.

How to get one:

What you get:

LG Portable DVD Player: 

picture of LG portable DVD player                                                        

1. Car Adapter  2. Battery Pack  3. AC adapter  4. Battery

5. LG Portable DVD Player (main unit)  6. A/V cord

7. Instruction Manual  8. Remote Control 

Plays region 1 or region-free DVDs

Check availability: LG Portable DVD player


Phillips Portable DVD Player:

phillips portable dvd player

1. Phillips Portable DVD player (main unit) 2. AC Adapter

3. Car Adapter  4. Quick Start Guide  5. User Manual

6. Remote control  7. A/V cables

Plays region 1 or region-free DVDs

Check availability: Phillips Portable DVD player

Polaroid Portable DVD Player

picture of Polaroid portable DVD player

1. Power Cable  2. Polaroid Portable DVD Player

3. Car Power Cord

Check Availability: Polaroid Portable DVD player