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Technical Services Division

"Working behind scenes for the betterment of information endeavors."

Staff in the Technical Services Division (TSD) are responsible for acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to materials in all formats for the library's collections in support of the University of Illinois library's mission to enhance the University's activities in creating knowledge, preparing students for lives of impact, and addressing critical societal needs.

Member Units

Acquisitions which includes Electronic Resources, manages the work to acquire, pay for and make available new material for the Library collections as well as maintaining all recurring resources (including renewals, serial check in, and updates). The work covers ordering, tracking and paying for material as well as copy cataloging and activations on SFX. Staff provide support for the over 40 bibliographers in their orientation, training and in maintaining online information and for fund report updates.

Content Access Management is responsible for monographic cataloging, serials cataloging, database maintenance, and metadata services.

Digital Content Creation provides digital production services for University of Illinois Library units and cost recovery digitization services for Library users.

Collection Management Services is responsible for e-reserves, print and media reserve processing, course and research related media acquisitions, media cataloging.

Preservation/Conservation ensures the long-term access to Library materials through preventative measures, as well as binding and rehousing, repair, conservation, and reformatting.