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Lynn Wiley Head of Acquisitions
Stephanie Baker Technical Services Research Programmer
Wendy Shelburne Electronic Resource Librarian

Content Access Management

Michael Norman Head of Content Access Management
Myung-Ja (MJ) Han Metadata Librarian
Qiang Jin Senior Coordinating Cataloger, Authority Control
William Kries E-Resources Cataloging Specialist
Nicole Ream-Sotomayor Foreign Languages Cataloging Specialist
Ayla Stein Metadata Librarian
Janet Weber Monographic Cataloging Manager

Collection Management Services

Mary Laskowski Head of Collection Management Services & Technical Services Division Coordinator
Andrew Cougill High Density Storage Coordinator
Jenny Maddox Abbott Technical Services Project Coordinator

Digital Content Creation

Angela Waarala Digital Collections Project Manager

Preservation and Conservation

Jennifer Teper Head of Preservation and Conservation
Miriam Centeno Collections Care Coordinator
Joshua Stuart Harris Media Preservation Coordinator
Henry Hebert Rare Book Conservator
Tracy Popp Digital Preservation Coordinator
Kyle Rimkus Preservation Librarian
Cheri Lynn Schneider Senior Special Collections Conservator