NEO Faculty Supplement

New Employee Orientation Checklist

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign

Civil Service Employee Supplement



      Where to view appointment information in NESSIE:

      Time sheets submitted every two weeks. Contact Business Office for schedule (or unit may be on web time entry. Check with supervisor):

      Pay date is every two weeks, on Wednesdays:

      Vacation accrual, hourly, based on years of appointment:

      Sick leave, fixed amount per pay period:

      Salary increases are determined by contract for those classifications covered by a Bargaining Unit, for Open Range, once a year in August based on merit



      Benefit usage reporting, recorded on time sheet or on web for web entry:

      Your work schedule

      Unit coverage and your responsibilities


Safety and Security

      Your responsibilities in your unit



      Ethics, campus policy, training, and requirements:

      Gift Ban Policy:

      Conflict of interest, Civil Service employees See Rule 16.01:

      Diversity issues, staff and patrons, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access:

      Nepotism considerations, employment of relatives:

      Workday expectations, your work day



Equipment, Supplies, and Property Use

      Remote access to network resources:

      G: Drive, H: Drive & Library Web Server:

      Loanable equipment:

      Virtual Private Networking (VPN):


Job Expectations

      Job descriptions:

      Meet with your direct Supervisor

      Responsibilities of Unit Head

      Annual evaluation of staff

      Preservation/Conservation responsibilities

      Working with other support staff

      Graduate Assistants, roles and responsibilities

      Student Assistants, roles and responsibilities


Benefits Information

      Where to view personal benefits package:

      Open enrollment:

      Considerations based on part-time status

      Tuition and partial fee waiver:


Research, Scholarship & Service

      Demands on Faculty for research

      Research time

      Coverage issues as related to Faculty Service


Performance Review and Evaluations

      Calendar for your Unit

      Performance Partnership Program:


Bargaining Unit Considerations

      Classifications covered by Bargaining Units in the Library

  • Library Specialist 698
    • Specialist, Library
    • Specialist, Senior Library
    • Assistants, Library Operations
    • Stores
      • Storekeeper 698 I, II, III
      • Clerk I, Library 3700
      • Clerk II, Library 3700
      • Clerk III, Library 3700
      • Clerk, Chief Library 3700
      • Clerk, Shipping & Receiving 3700
      • Guard, Security 399




      Union membership and dues

      Fair share


      State Universities Civil Service Statute and Rules:

      Policy and rules for Civil Service:

      Campus Administration Manual:

      Probationary period and evaluations: 

      Evaluation forms:  

      Changing classifications, reclassification, promotion, transfer:

      Classification specifications (class specs):

      Civil Service testing:

      Civil Service job postings:  

      Civil Service transfer lists:


Resolving Job Concerns

      Performance Partnership Program:  

      Informal resolution

      Resources for employee

      Formal grievance procedure

      Disciplinary policy


(Supervisor and Employee should initial this form)


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Phone Library Human Resources Office at 333-8169

Or visit

After checklist is completed, employee should retain a copy and the original should be returned to Library Human Resources.

Thank you                                                                                                                    Rev. 1/15/13