NEO Civil Service Employee Supplement

New Employee Orientation Checklist
University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign

Name  ________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                  
Beginning Date  ________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                               
Job Title  ________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Department/Unit  ________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Office Address ______________________________________________  Mail Code  ______________________________________________
Street Address______________________________________________ Office Phone Number ______________________________________________
Supervisor/Unit Head   ____________________________________________________________________________________________

On or Before the First Day of Employment:

With the Library Human Resources Office (may not be necessary for those employed other places on campus previously):      

___ Receive logon and temporary password for NESSIE:      

___ Schedule date for Benefits Orientation:      

___ Schedule date for SURS Orientation (optional):      

___ Establish user Net ID for email logon, user name and password:      

___ Complete I-9, requires two forms of identification, or passport:      

___ Schedule time for University Staff Identification Card:      

___ Visit Campus Parking:

Visit IT Help Desk, Computer usage and issues:      

___ IT Help Desk web page (Who is Library IT, Work Requests, List of Services):      

___ Permissions:\      

___ More Tips and How-tos:      

___ List of services:      

___ Set campus Active Directory (AD) account password if not yet done      

___ If unit web editor, request CMS account and training (access given by Robert Slater)      

___ File Storage Options:

___ Get subscribed to appropriate Library Listservs.      

___ Loanable equipment:      

___ If Voyager access is needed, ask your supervisor to fill out online a Voyager account request form:      

___ PaperCut printing:    

___ Email options:

___ Request LYNC activation      

___ Appropriate use of computers:      

___ Entry in Library online phone directory (both departmental and individual listings):      

___ Ability to log in to OTRS (Supervisor must log a request in OTRS with employee’s NetID to request access):      

___ How to find the hostname and Inventory number on your computer (needed for an OTRS request):      

___ LibGuides (access given by Merinda Hensley)      

___ Register for Illini Alert:      

___ CITES Status of Services:      

___ CARLI System Status:

After Start of Work:


___ Process complete for payroll      

___ Time sheets Web instructions:      

___ Positive time reporting for academic staff:      

___ Paycheck distribution/direct deposit:      

___ Pay date Payroll schedules:      

___ Accessing earning statements:      

___ Holidays (standard) and floating holidays (fiscal year):      

___ Vacation:      

___ Sick Leave:      

___ Notification of appointment for academics:


___ Benefit usage reporting      

___ Hours of work      

___ Flexibility of schedule, requesting change to work schedule      

___ Requesting time off for vacation      

___ Using sick leave, calling in sick, “requesting” sick leave when appropriate      

___ Tardiness      

___ Requesting leaves, forms required, FMLA, parental, bereavement      

___ Absences from regular duties, work related      

___ Inclement weather:      

___ Breaks

Safety and Security       

___ Library Staff ID card Supervisor needs to request through OTRS Library Facilities      

___ Request Keys Supervisor needs to request through OTRS Library Facilities see Library Facilities page      

___ Keys & Key Policy:      

___ Library Employee Emergency Procedures Manual:      

___ Review emergency policies and evacuation plans:      

___ Tornadoes and Civil Defense Sirens:      

___ Fire Drills:      

___ Location of fire extinguishers      

___ First Aid      

___ Ergonomics      

___ Building and office access during emergencies      

___ After-hours procedures      

___ Library Security:      

___ Wellness opportunities:      

___ Computer security      

___ Patron confidentiality

Personal Concerns      

___ Employee emergency contact information      

___ Breaks, lunch periods, available facilities      

___ Food and drink policies:      

___ Restroom locations      

___ Smoking policy:      

___ Division of Public Safety:


___ Appropriate dress      

___ Appropriate email usage:      

___ Visitors / Children in the workplace—recommendation and guidelines from Library HR      

___ Service Values:      

___ Ethics, campus policy, training, and requirements:      

___ Conflict of commitment and interest:      

___ Workday expectations, full day      

___ Confidentiality:

Equipment, Supplies, and Property Use      

___ How to get equipment:      

___ Scheduling meeting rooms & instruction areas:

___ Copiers and microform readers, training and usage:      

___ Printing requests and copying      

___ Copy cards:      

___ Printer supplies:      

___ Fixing equipment:      

___ Travel reimbursements:


___ Library Listservs: LibNews, LibFac, LibStaff:      

___ Library Gateway:      

___ Online Directory:      

___ Online Directory updates:      

___ Telephone and Voice Mail, telephone number      

___ Long Distance Access Code and/or Calling Card information (Unit head should provide to employee)      

___ Library Staff website:      

___ Online Tracking Report Systems (OTRS):      

___ Email alias, wiki, blog used by department      

___ Squirrel mail for departmental email service:      

___ Growing People blog on staff training:      

___ IM collaborator (request access via David Ward):      

___ Online Rolodex (request editing access via Jenny Emanuel):

Job Expectations      

___ Review job description/position announcement, copy with signatures for supervisor and employee      

___ Employee responsibilities      

___ Supervisor expectations      

___ Overview of job duties      

___ Role of employee within unit/department      

___ Budget and accounting responsibilities, collection and operating budgets      

___ Role of unit/department within the Library, organizational chart      

___ Job responsibilities of other unit members      

___ Key unit contacts and referrals      

___ Standards, goals, and objectives of the unit      

___ Unit forms and reports, statistics:      

___ Library committees:      

___ Desk Tracker:

Performance Review and Evaluations       

___ Calendar      

___ Where to access the forms:

___ Goal setting:

Benefits Review      

___ Verify attendance at Employee Benefit Orientation      

___ Check deadlines for benefit choices      

___ SURS orientation:      

___ Taking University classes:      

___ Tuition waivers:      

___ Employee travel and purchasing discounts:      

___ Staff development courses:

___ Professional organizations:

___ Staff Development and Training Committee:      

___ Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP):



___ Library Exhibits, Colloquia, public workshops:      

___ Training Calendar:      

___ Library Master Calendar:      

___ Academic year, fiscal year, calendar year      

___ Academic calendars for campus:      

___ Acquisitions:

(Supervisor and Employee should initial this form)

Dates this checklist was reviewed  ______________            

Initials _______     _______

Initials _______     _______

Initials _______     _______

Questions? Phone Library Human Resources Office at 333-8169 Or visit

After checklist is completed, employee should retain a copy, and original should be returned to Library Human Resources.

Thank you                                                                                                                        01/15/2013