Academic Professional

New Employee Orientation Checklist

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign

Academic Professionals Supplement




      Where to view Appointment in NESSIE:

      No time sheets submitted

      Pay date is the 16 th of the month, for the month immediately preceding, e.g. May 16 for April 16 to May 15

      Vacations and other leaves - Academic employees receive 24 workdays (192 hours) per year at the percentage of their appointment. For example, an academic professional on a 50% appointment will receive 24 days at 50% time, which is the equivalent of 96 hours. New employees starting after the beginning of the academic year receive a prorated share. A maximum accumulation of 48 days (384 hours) may be carried over from one appointment year to the next.

      Sick leave accrual - Academic employees earn 12 cumulative and 13 non-cumulative sick leave days per appointment year. Part-time appointments receive a pro-rated share. In the case of an appointment for less than a full appointment year, the 12 days cumulative and the 13 days noncumulative leave are prorated.

      Salary increases:

      Campus Compensation philosophy:

      Positive Time Reporting:

      Online reporting tool (requires login):

      Instructions on using the reporting tool:

Monthly Academic Orientations:

Academic Staff Handbook:


      Benefit usage reporting (requires login):

      Instructions for Reporting Benefit Usage    

      Your work schedule

      Unit coverage and your responsibilities

      Positive Time Reporting

      Online reporting tool

         Instructions on using the reporting tool


Safety and Security

     Emergency procedures and Policies   

     Your responsibilities for your unit 

     Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAP)

     Employee Emergency Plan (EEP)

     Emergency Contacts

     Campus Security Authority Training


Communication Permissions/Access from IT/Systems

      Library Listserv   LibNews-L  Send an email to LibNews-L

      Library Gateway

      Online Directory

     Online Directory updates

      Telephone and Voice Mail, telephone number

      Library Staff website

      Online Tracking Report Systems (OTRS)  permission to log OTRS tickets (Requested by your department)

      Email alias, wiki, blog used by department

     Squirrel mail for departmental email service

     Growing People blog on staff training

      IM collaborator (request access via David Ward)

      Online Rolodex (request editing access via) Edits to LibAnswers entries are monitored by the RIS web services specialist (

      access to folders on the G drive

      CMS access (requires training; requested by your department)

      LibGuides access (requires training)  See your unit head or request from Lisa Hinchliffe

      Voyager Account See the following web page for department to request accounts

      University of Illinois Box

      Google Apps @ Illinois



      Conflict of interest and commitment, Faculty and Academic Professional

      Workday expectations, full day    Positive Time Reporting Policy

      Diversity issues, staff and patrons, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

      Nepotism considerations, employment of relatives


      Research ethics

      Institutional Review Board


See NEO checklist:

      Conflict of interest and commitment, Faculty and Academic Professional:

      Workday expectations, full day

      Research ethics:

      Diversity issues, staff and patrons, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access:

      Nepotism considerations, employment of relatives:


Equipment, Supplies, and Property Use

      Ordering business cards and letterhead

To order business cards and letterhead email  

      Computer configurations and software requests

      Laptop equipment availability, instructions for use

      Loaner equipment;jsessionid=qfy80ehyflm2jbedfag5l13u?execution=e1s1

      Key policy

      Remote access and network resources

      Requesting meeting room and instruction space



Job Expectations

      Meet with Associate University Librarian, if applicable

      Meet with Supervisor

      Collection Development responsibilities (CDC), if applicable

      Preservation/Conservation responsibilities, if applicable

      Principles of Academic Freedom:

      Statement on Professional Ethics:

      Division meetings


      Annual report and statistics

      Working with support staff

      Graduate Assistants, roles and responsibilities

      Student Assistants, roles and responsibilities


Research, Scholarship & Service

      Investigation time to be negotiated with supervisor:

      Orientation to the Library and Information Science Virtual Library and its services - arrange time with LIS Librarian, Dan Tracy

_     Travel and/or presentation funding yearly Library Allocation--Academic Professionals    

       Development Fund

      (suspended 4/12/16)

      Scholarly Commons Services

      Responsible Conduct of Research


Performance Review and Evaluations


      Formal grievance procedure:
      Rules for annual reviews for academic professionals, Communication #22:

      Annual Performance Evaluations Forms

      Task Force to create a Promotional Path for Academic Professionals

      Library Committee of Academic Professionals



      Library Policy and Procedures-- Oversight Of Gifts, Grants, and Contracts

      Campus Policy and Procedures


            Grants and Contracts


            Data management plans

            Finances—contact Kathie Veach in the Business Office


Campus Groups

      Council of Academic Professionals:

      Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence (CAPE) Award:

      Provost's Academic Professionals Task Force:


Library Social events

      Faculty/Academic Professional Recognition reception (early fall)

      Staff recognition event (mid fall)

      Holiday party (end of first semester)

      Library Worker’s Day (April)

      New Employee Recognition (early summer)



      Library Committees and Task Forces

      Volunteers usually sought in May (contact the University Librarian’s Office)

      Search Committees  (Search Procedures Manual)

Further information designed for Academic Professionals is available at:


Academic Professional Job List:



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After checklist is completed, employee should retain a copy and the original should be returned to Library Human Resources.

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