Library Retreats

Library Faculty Retreat

December 16, 2010

The library Executive Committee and the Associate University Librarians want to hear from library faculty about principles and priorities to be used as the budget group and Executive Committee allocate resources for the next fiscal year.  These principles will also inform a longer term strategic planning process that will establish goals for the coming 3-5 years.  Stig Lanesskog, the Associate Provost for Strategic Planning and Assessment from the Provost’s office, will present on overview of the current campus strategic planning goals and process, to provide context for our discussion as well as some background on how other campus units are approaching the strategic planning process in the current budgetary climate.

 Retreat Powerpoint

Campus Strategic Planning Powerpoint

We’ve prepared a short list of readings that highlight some of the national discussion on academic library planning and academic librarianship in general.  These are intended to stimulate discussion during the round table part of the retreat, and represent a few of the many possibilities that we will need to consider in establishing guiding principles for our short term budgetary and long term strategic planning.



1.            Review of current priorities and strategic investments


Library Vision Statement


2.            Collections

"Can a New Research Library be All-Digital?" by Lisa Spiro and Geneva Henry in:

The Idea of Order: Transforming Research Collections for 21st Century Scholarship

Describes a hypothetical model for building a research library starting now, from nothing, and provides examples from new research libraries founded in the past decade.  Includes 7 recommendations for all research libraries to consider.  This is the first report of three in this publication.


3.            Weighing position requests


A Framework for Articulating New Library Roles

Details 10 common characteristics of academic librarian activities, as defined by the University of Minnesota, which guide their hiring and support of librarians and staff.


Transforming Roles for Academic Librarians

A discussion of roles for academic librarians relative to the new ARL Strategic Plan for 2010-2012.


4.            Strategic planning framework


Value of Academic Libraries: Executive Summary

Developed by ACRL, provides “1) a clear view of the current state of the literature on value of libraries within an institutional

context, 2) suggestions for immediate “Next Steps” in the demonstration of academic

library value, and 3) a “Research Agenda” for articulating academic library value.”



We have an executive summary of the faculty retreat round tables posted on the EC page :


This document is a summary of the 4 discussion topics, based on the notes Scott and I got from the meeting.  The budget group began review of this document yesterday, and discussed how to use some of the themes that emerged in the upcoming library/IT fee request and GA allocation processes.  EC meets next on January 3rd and will continue discussion of the document’s recommendations then, as well as other ways to get follow-up input.