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Library IT
Library Systems Status

Library Systems Status (Past Events)

(Click here for current events and announcements)
DateEvent TypeEvent
18 September 2009E-Resource ProblemScienceDirect Outage
07 October 2008AnnouncementRefworks is currently down
19 September 2008AnnouncementProQuest is unavailable
17 July 2008E-Resource ProblemAcces to Haworth Press is slow
27 June 2008E-Resource ProblemBlackwell and Wiley Transition
23 April 2008AnnouncementRoyal Society of Chemistry (RSC) website disruption
09 April 2008E-Resource ProblemWiley Interscience is down
02 April 2008E-Resource ProblemAnthrosource is having problem
28 February 2008AnnouncementCNKI English interface down 3/3 - 3/8 2008
04 February 2008AnnouncementVoyager search timeouts
24 January 2008E-Resource ProblemEBSCO down
08 January 2008AnnouncementLibrary Online Catalog Down tonight 1/8/08
06 November 2007AnnouncementIEEE Upgrade, system down
18 September 2007E-Resource ProblemGale Literature Resource Center
12 September 2007E-Resource ProblemHighwire journals
29 August 2007AnnouncementOnline Catalog going down tonight at 5pm
29 August 2007Maintenance/UpgradeIllinois Digital Newspaper Collection maintenance
22 August 2007Maintenance/UpgradeAdvance Notice: RSC Website Downtime
15 August 2007Maintenance/UpgradeEvent calendar update
24 July 2007E-Resource ProblemPsycInfo Slowness
23 July 2007E-Resource Problemintermittent problems with links to all licensed resources
20 July 2007Maintenance/UpgradeWeb server maintenance
15 July 2007System Problemoff-campus proxy service unavailable
15 July 2007System ProblemTwo more web server outages this morning
15 July 2007System Problemmomentary web server outage
28 June 2007Network TroubleMain Library Network Outage
11 June 2007E-Resource ProblemH.H Wilson
29 May 2007Network TroubleNetwork outage for some Library workstations
28 May 2007AnnouncementVirtual reference chat outage
29 April 2007System ProblemSamba service on COOPER down
29 April 2007Work in ProgressMain web service briefly down
13 April 2007Maintenance/UpgradeRSC website down 4/20 -4/21 2007
11 April 2007Maintenance/UpgradeUIUC and I-Share On-line Catalogs down 4/15/07
20 March 2007Maintenance/UpgradeILL services down 3/20/07
09 March 2007AnnouncementElsevier ScienceDirect Downtime
07 March 2007E-Resource ProblemDISCOVER - openURL requests
02 March 2007Maintenance/UpgradeScienceDirect system outage
21 February 2007Maintenance/UpgradeHETEROCYCLES
21 February 2007E-Resource ProblemJournal of portfolio management in Gale Expanded Academic ASAP
19 February 2007AnnouncementScienceDirect will unavailable for part of Feb. 24
22 January 2007System ProblemLoanShark server problems
18 January 2007Maintenance/UpgradeLIbrary Catalog (and Voyager) Will Be Down
16 January 2007Maintenance/UpgradeScienceDirect search down Jan. 20, 2007 6hrs