Helpful Hints For Library Employees

Obtaining An E-mail Account

New employees, in need of a University e-mail account, netid login/password, and AD account, will need to visit CITES Resource Center in the Digital Computer Lab, 1304 W. Springfield Avenue, Urbana in person.

Obtaining a University Identification Card (a.k.a. I-Card)

You will need to visit the Campus I.D. Center located on the second floor of the Illini Union Bookstore, 809 S. Wright St., Champaign in person.

Active Directory

To setup your AD account visit the Active Directory (UIUC domain) Account Services page. Once you are on the Active Directory Account page chose the link " log in to set your AD password" under the Reset Your Password section.

If you are designated to edit accounts for your unit visit the Active Directory Group Editor.

Library Accounts, etc.

Once you have a University e-mail account and have setup your Active Directory password, contact the Library Systems Office:

  • To have access setup to your unit's G: drive (group directory).
  • To have your name and e-mail address added to the appropriate Library listservs.
  • To be added to the online Library telephone directory.
  • To be given access to limited access forums. You must first login to the Library Forums to be put into the database (includes Libstaff forum for all staff members).
  • If appropriate, provide access to web-editing.
  • Faculty and Staff to have access to H: drive (home directory).
  • To request an Oracle Calendar (formerly Corporate Time) account to be setup for all faculty and per request for staff from their Unit Head.
For more information regarding home directories and group directories.

Submitting Computer Equipment Requests

For all computer equipment requests send us an online work request. This includes all printer problems (NOTE: The Library Systems Office does not supply replacement toner or inkjet cartridges for staff printers. For these items and other supplies order them from the Central Stores catalog via Rob Hildreth. If you can not find your printer make/model click here).

Obtaining A Voyager Account

If you are in need of a Voyager account you will need to fill out the online request form at

Libprinting to FOAPL Account

Library staff can charge to a FOAPL (formerly known as UFAS) account. However, you must first set up the account with the Systems Office so that the printing system knows about the account. To do that, please print out the UFAS public printing form and send it to the Systems Office.

Taking Computer Equipment Off Campus

When taking University equipment, such as laptops, off campus you need to fill out a Equipment Loan To Employees and Students form to carry with the equipment. Forms can be obtained in the Library Business Office.

NOTE: You are required to fill out one of these forms everytime you take University equipment off campus.

Sites That Might Be Helpful

Why So Many Accounts? This page describes the many different accounts and their roles with respect to the Library.
Changing UIUC passwords Your passwords play a crucial role in protecting your UIUC computing accounts and the personal information that can be accessed through them. This guide aims to help you understand what your passwords do and how to change and protect them.
CITES Netfiles An online service that allows University faculty, staff, and students to access their files from anywhere in the world.
Additional Information on E-mail This guide is designed to help you use and understand the basic email services CITES provides to all students, staff, and faculty on the Urbana campus.
Your NetID and NetID Password Your Network ID (NetID) is a name assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services and also determines your University email address, which is
Remote Access There are many ways to access the UIUC network remotely, and different access methods make different resources available to you. (By "remotely" we mean both "from off campus"
and "from on campus with portable computer equipment in temporary locations".)
Software Software site licenses [glossary: site licensed software] enable you to get many software packages for free or at a fraction of their usual costs.
Find students, staff, or faculty via Electronic Directory The Electronic Directory (formerly known as PH) contains names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information about all personnel affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Computing Accounts (UIUC) students, staff, and faculty are offered a number of computing accounts to access a wide variety of services, including free file storage and web page hosting.
Computing Labs There are many places on campus where students, staff, and faculty can go to use computers and related equipment or hook up a laptop.
Computer/Network Security Includes information for Anti-virus software, File and printer sharing, Secure communications (SSH, SFTP, and SSL), Virtual Private Networking, and related topics.
Telecommunications Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) provides a variety of telephone, radio, paging, video, and other voice communications services.


Free Training for Students

The CITES Help Desk is staffed with consultants especially trained in diagnosing customers' needs, answering the most common questions quickly, and referring customers to the appropriate Level 2 Help Desk when necessary.

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