Frequently Requested Services

Electronic Communications
Creation, support, and quotas for Cliff E-mail Accounts (Squirrel Mail), E-mail Aliases, Library Forums, Library Listservs
Instructional Labs
Grainger, Undergraduate Library, and ACES Library, Campus Instructional Lab Computer Equipment
Library Owned, Library Equipment Loan Program
Online Resources
Chem Ab Database Updates, Citrix, E-Reserves, E-Resource (Access Troubleshooting), Online Phone Directory (Library), Status Page, UIUC Endnote Support Information
Public Printing
LibPrint, PrePaid Accounts, Printing System Monitoring
Remote Access
Off-campus, Internet Access for UIUC Library Staff, Campus Dialup Access(CITES), VPN Connection(CITES), UIUC Library staff using VPN to access Library server resources
File Server (H: drive/G: drive), III Millennium Client Installation
User Accounts
Oracle Calendar, Voyager Account Request and Information
Client Installation (install at home), Reports, Troubleshooting
Blog Hosting, Editing and Support, Proxy Services, Search Engine Google, Usage Logs and Statistics
Virus Protection, Hardware (Purchase, install, fix), Software Installation, Standard Public Workstation Software, Standard Staff Workstation Software, Additional Software

Other Services