Listserv Vs. E-mail Alias

Deciding to use a listserv or an e-mail alias

Some advantages of a Listserv (mailing list) is immediacy and relative privacy. Messages
posted to a list are typically delivered within a few minutes. A listserv should be used for a large group of people.

An advantage of an e-mail alias is the fact that you do not have to have an "owner" as you do for a listserv. An e-mail alias should be used for small groups of people.

To Request Subscription or Removal to a Listserv

When library personnel need to request subscription or removal to LIBNEWS-L, LIBFAC-L (for all the faculty of the Library), LIBUNTENFAC-L (for all the untenured faculty of the Library), LIBCIRC-L, LIBCAT-L, LIBTECHSERV-L (for Technical Services staff), LIBSCHOLCOMM-L, or to ask a question about these listservs, ask them to email:

Listserv (i.e.

This address sends their message to the person who maintains the list. This step is necessary because the list owner needs to see the FROM: field in the user's message.

To Request a Library Listserv To Be Created

Send us an online request requesting the list and why you need the listserv.

To Request a Library E-mail Alias

Fill out the online form.