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2013 Student Competition Rules

 Competition Rules

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1. Participants must be undergraduate students 18 years of age or older currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and eligible to receive payment according to applicable laws and University policies and procedures.

2. Participation in the contest is voluntary.

3. Current or past University of Illinois Library employees (student or staff) are not eligible for participation.

4. Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday, November 30th, 2012.

5. The contest will run until February 21st, 2013, and will culminate in a short presentation to a panel of judges.  The judges will choose first, second, and third-place winners. All prizes are split evenly among team members.  The first place team receives $750, the second place team receives $500, and the third place team receives $250.

6. The app designs (or “design ideas,” or “design concepts”) shall be original work and shall not infringe on any intellectual property rights of others including copyrights and trademark rights.

7. By submitting app designs, teams give the competition judges the right to evaluate and compare your design against the designs of others in order to choose winners of this design competition.

8. Team members must be present for all mandatory meetings, as specified in the Student Information Packet.

9. Requirements: All app designs must be submitted by teams formed during the orientation sessions of the competition.  No entries from individuals will be accepted.  All app designs must demonstrate a clear benefit to the Library and its users, and illustrate ways to improve student access to library collections, services, and/or facilities. Final team submissions must include the following information:

10. Ownership: Mobile applications designed as part of this contest will become the property of the members of the team designing the application and the University.   All participants will, as a condition of participation in this competition, agree to assign to the University of Illinois a co-ownership interest in any and all contributions to the mobile application, including any powerpoints, descriptions, text, images, photographs, videos, audio, design and code.   Participants will be required to sign the Assignment Agreement.

11. University Rights to Mobile Applications:  As co-owners, participating teams of this design competition (both enrolled groups and chosen participants) and the University of Illinois (including the University of Illinois Library), each have the free right to use, copy, distribute, and modify their app design, and authorize others for any and all purposes (including educational, promotional, and commercial purposes) without further compensation to the entrants.  For University, this includes, among other possibilities:  release as open source, where it is adapted and customized by local implementers over time; deployment through University’s mobile developer accounts for the Apple or Android distribution markets; or incorporation as part of a global code module system.

12. General Conditions:  The Library in its sole discretion may disqualify and refuse to accept any app design for any reason, including, but not limited to offensive or false content, violation of any third party right, or violation of contest rules.  All decisions made by the Library and the University of Illinois are final and without recourse for appeal.

Participants shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with production of the Concept and the entry process.  Each participant shall indemnify University of Illinois and its trustees, employees, agents and representatives from any claim, loss or liability, including all associated costs, expenses and attorney fees, arising from the app design submitted by the participant. 

The University of Illinois shall not be liable to participants for illegible, damages, lost, late or misdirected entries.  The University of Illinois’ liability shall be as provided by Illinois law.  The University of Illinois does not waive any legal defenses or immunities under these contest rules.

13. Use of Library Data and APIs: The Library grants participants the right to use Library data sources and APIs as (inspiration/ part of their app concept and design.  This right expires at the end of the competition.

14. Originality: By submitting a design for consideration, you declare that you are the sole creator of the design and the design is original and does not include any third party content, except for the use of University or Library owned trademarks and/or APIs/data sources within the design.

15. Additionally, all participants will have an opportunity to receive a $10 gift certificate for sharing their thoughts on the competition experience with the event organizers (through an interview).

16. Results from interviews or the project may be disseminated in journal articles, conference presentations, and/or scholarly book chapters and in websites. Ideas from the competition may be developed into apps by the Library. Additionally, results and articles may be deposited in the Library’s Institutional Repository (IDEALS).

The 2013 Library Mobile App Student Competition was made possible with a grant from IMLS, Institute of Museum and Library Services.  The Library Innovation Fund provided additional support for the competition.