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2013 Proposal Guidelines and Requirements

 Proposal Guidelines and Requirements

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App Requirements: All proposals need to show a strong connection to improving the quality of access to library collections, services, and or facilities, as defined above.  


Presentation Reviews: Teams will present their proposals to the organizers prior to their Final Presentations. The presentation should include:

  1. Name of App
  2. “Pitch” statement – 2-3 sentence overview describing app and how it will function
  3. Short (1-2 sentence) biographical statement for each participant, stating name, major/college, and role on team.
  4. Problem app is designed to solve, including evidence for the need for the app
  5. Audience for the app
  6. Mock-up of the App in action, including sketches or other visual representations of the app in use during a typical interaction
  7. Example use cases for the app
  8. How and why the app will improve student access to library collections, services, and/or facilities.


Organizers will ask questions and provide feedback and suggestions on the presentation to ensure the presentation is in accordance with the competition rules the final submission.


Final Submissions and Judging:  Teams will give presentations in PowerPoint format to a panel of judges on their app concept.  See evaluation criteria in the appendix.  Presentations should include a mock-up of the app which shows interactive components, but a fully functional/coded app is not required.  Presentations should address all of the items in the Presentation Review (see above) and comply with all Competition Rules.


Additional Guidelines:

The 2013 Library Mobile App Student Competition was made possible with a grant from IMLS, Institute of Museum and Library Services.  The Library Innovation Fund provided additional support for the competition.