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2013 Student Competition Overview

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The Undergraduate Library is sponsoring a competition for undergraduate student teams to develop models for mobile applications that improve the student experience with library collections, services, and facilities.  No programming or software development is required as part of the competition.  Library staff may select some of the final mobile app models and code them into functioning mobile apps for general student and related use. 

Teams will investigate student library–related needs in the mobile environment, identify problems that a mobile application could solve, and develop a design outline and formal proposal for a mobile application.  Proposals  (such as through a Power Point presentation) will be presented by teams to a panel of judges, who will evaluate each mobile app based on the connection to library services, collections, and facilities; user experience/design layout; originality/creativity; a clear identification/explanation of the need for the app; how well the app addresses target audience interests; and integration of identified library data sources (see below).


Teams should be creative and inventive in examining the problems their app might address, and attempt to fill needs that are unmet in the current library environment.  Apps should focus specifically on the unique benefits or opportunities that mobile devices provide, as well as specific needs that students have that can best be addressed in the mobile environment.  

Definitions of Areas of Interest for App Development:


Process and Deadlines:

  1. The first session will be an overview of the competition and opportunity for students to ask questions. Teams of 3-5 members will be formed at the end of the 2nd session.  Participants can mutually form their own teams, with the organizers selecting teams for any remaining participants..  All participants must attend this meeting.
  2. The second session will be a tour of campus libraries and other locations where students might want to use the mobile apps the students will be designing.   At least 50% of each team’s members must attend this meeting.

The 2013 Library Mobile App Student Competition was made possible with a grant from IMLS, Institute of Museum and Library Services.  The Library Innovation Fund provided additional support for the competition.