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2013 Presentations

2013 Presentations

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Dog Ear Logo

Team 1 - Andrew Haglund, Arnold Syphommarath, Ellen Winston, Michael Zhang,  Xuefeng Zhu.

The presentation by team 1 focused on helping students find resources on and off campus with a mobile app named "Dog Ear".  View "Dog Ear" Presentation.

Stacks App Logo

Team 2 Team - Tuganay Bornia, Patricia Do, Mohd Irtefa, Nishant Nangia. 

Team 2 presented "Stacks" a mobile application that promotes the library's mission of curation, accessibility, relevance and awareness. View "Stacks" Presentation, and the accompanying handout.

Study Buddy Logo

Team 3 - Laura Cioffi, Andy Gao, Damian Hernandez, Hudson Vantrease.

The "StuddyBuddy" app presented by team 3 explored the possibilities of using social media to encourage good study habits. View "StudyBuddy" Presentation.

Istudy Logo

Team 4 - Joseph Lippe, Brittany McLean, Chad Rash, Lauren Sutherland.

Team 4 presented "iStudy", an application that features tools to find an optimal study environment on campus. View "iStudy" Presentation.

My Illinois Logo

Team 5 - Mehdi Boukhalfa, Nikitas Papageorgiu, Samay Shah, Zigang Ye.

As the name implies the "My.Illinois" app offers personalized functionality that combines a student's course information and available campus resources. View "My.Illinois" Presentation.

I Library Logo

Team 6 - Maryam Allam, David Huettner, Marilu Rodriguez, Shugo Tanaka.

The "I+Library" app featured an intuitive and friendly way to find library resources as well as a way to view campus and community events. View "I+Library" Presentation.