Web time sheet instructions for students

Check with your supervisor for your unit's deadline and submission procedures.

Pay periods run for two week intervals, Sunday through Saturday.  See pay period listings at

Click on Staff Pay Periods Schedule for the appropriate fiscal year.

NOTE: Some problems have been reported using older versions of Internet Explorer.  If you have difficulties in printing, please try Mozilla Firefox.

Click on the link for Employee Self-Service

Then Click on Web For Employees


If your Enterprise ID (the ID you use for Registration and Grades) has not been established, please follow directions below.

Otherwise, select : 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


NOTE:  To set up your enterprise ID, please follow the directions below:

ATTENTION: FIRST-TIME USERS of UI Enterprise applications! You must obtain your EnterpriseID and set up your Enterprise Password before you can use the applications.

Note: This is a one-time procedure; after setting up your Enterprise Password you do not need to follow these steps again when accessing UI enterprise applications.

To obtain your EnterpriseID and set your Password you must:

1.      Log into the Password Reset website at:

At UIUC, log in using your Campus NetID and NetID (Bluestem) password -- (for example, in your email address, "," "XXXXX" is your NetID).

At UIC and UIS, you must log in using your FULL NetID and NetID password -- (for example, "" is a FULL NetID).

2.      After logging in, choose a new Enterprise password that meets the strong password criteria, and remember your EnterpriseID and the password you choose.

3.      You can now log in to UI enterprise applications using the EnterpriseID and password that you just set up.

The only web server(s) authorized to ask for your EnterpriseID and Password are:

This page's URL should start with https:// followed by the name of one of the servers listed above. If any other URL appears on your web browser's URL line, report that URL immediately to the AITS Help Desk(see contact information below). With Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, the security padlock icon for this page should appear to be locked/closed.

To protect your privacy, this service will only provide your EnterpriseID to authorized applications on the following server(s):

Finally, to safely end your session of activity with enterprise applications, explicitly log out using any links provided within the enterprise applications, and then close all your web browser windows before leaving your computer.

For access problems, questions, or comments, contact the AITS Help Desk at (217) 333-3102 (UIUC & UIS) or (312) 996-4806 (UIC).
You can also e-mail the AITS Help Desk at
Enterprise Application Service, Version 1.0b6, UI 5
A Reference Implementation of the OpenEAI Project

Enter your Enterprise ID and password

If this is your first time, you must agree to the Terms of Usage


Then from the list of options, select the one for Employee

Then select the option for Time Sheet (some may say continue instead)


Title and Department and Pay Period Listed

**Important - make sure the dot is highlighted on the correct
position number under the departmental 6 digit number. There MAY be more than one choice!

**Important - make sure you select the correct pay period/year


Check with your supervisor for your unit's deadline and submission procedures.

Click in the "Enter Hours" field on the regular pay line under the correct days you worked.

Please fill out the amount of time worked as accurately as possible.

Below is a conversion chart for minutes to tenths of hours:


MinutesTenths of an Hour
1-2 0.0
3-8 0.1
9-14 0.2
15-20 0.3
21-26 0.4
27-32 0.5
33-38 0.6
39-44 0.7
45-50 0.8
51-56 0.9
57-60 1.0


Click on the Save button after each time you enter hours.


Example:  If you worked 2 hours and 50 minutes on October 8, type in 2.8 in the Hours box and click on the Save button.

**Important - When complete, click on the Preview button at the bottom of your screen.  This screen has your name on it.  Change the print option to landscape, and margins to .25.  Print out and give to supervisor for signature.  You do not need to sign it.


**Important - Click on Previous Menu.  Click on the Submit for
button at the bottom of the screen.  This submits your
time sheet electronically for the Library Business Office to approve, once they get your printed & supervisor-signed copy.

Once you submit your timesheet, you can no longer make changes or add hours. Talk to your supervisor if there is a problem.

Exit at the top right.