High Density Storage Disaster Response

Since 2008, the Library Preservation and Conservation Units have been conducting an in-depth investigation into the issues surrounding salvage and recovery operations in a high density storage (HDS) environment.  In preparation for the development of a disaster plan specific to the HDS environment, a number of tests and investigations have been made into how HDS facilities operate, what materials are used for storage of materials within the HDS facility, fire supression in the HDS environment, risk assessments, and efficient means of managing the extraction of millions of books quickly and safely from a damaged facility…..or something along these lines

HDS Disaster Recovery Plan

Oak Street Library Facility Disaster Manual (wiki format, available to Library Staff members only)

Redacted High Density Plan (openly available)


Links & Resources

A gateway to other websites devoted to either HDS disaster planning or the salvage and recovery operations undertaken for extremely large events.


Sprinkler Test

Two live sprinkler head deployment tests were conducted (one in the Spring of 2009 and the second in the Summer of 2009) to assess the water’s effect upon trayed materials.


Engineering Team Assessment

Students from the Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering, Senior Design Program were asked to assess the UIUC’s Oak Street Library Facility in preparation for the drafting of a HDS disaster plan.  Their final report includes:

  • Assessment of Disaster Probabilities
  • Analysis of Economic Impact
  • Evaluation of Early Disaster Detection
  • Recovery Algorithm Development
  • Inventory Control Solution
  • Recommendations

The Preservation and Conservation Units are indebted to the following programs/institutions for their ongoing assistance with this project

The Illinois Fire Services Institute Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering, Senior Engineering Project
The Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology, Parkland College