Technology in SSHEL

  • Summer Hours Monday-Friday: 8:30am-6:00pm; Saturday-Sunday 1-5pm
  •   SSHEL North (Room 100) and SSHEL South (Room 101), Main Library
  • (217) 244-1864

Technology in SSHEL


Public Computers | Laptops / Wireless | Printers | Scanners | Photocopiers | Microfiche Scanner/Reader/Printer | Audiovisual Equipment | Fax Machine | Laminating



Public Computers

Windows PCs are available for public use in both SSHEL North (Room 100) and SSHEL South (Room 101). These computers can access the internet and have the Microsoft Office suite. To ensure that any work you begin on the computers will not be lost, save  your work to a USB drive. It is possible to listen to music or watch videos on the library computers; however, users must supply their own headphones.



Personal Laptops / Wireless 

Wireless internet is available to visitors with laptop computers throughout throughout the Library building. Both IllinoisNet and UIUCNet are accessible throughout the building and require a valid UIUC NetID to connect. Campus visitors can use UI Public Wireless after filling out a short online registration form. 




Location: Printers are located in both SSHEL North and SSHEL South and is available from all public computers. You can also print from your laptop to the SSHEL public printer. The printers in SSHEL will only print in black and white. Documents printed in color will be sent to the color print release stations which are located in the Undergraduate Library and in the Main Information Desk Area on the second floor of the Main Library. We can not put your paper (for example, resume paper) in our printers.

Cost: Printing costs $0.10 per page. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students, faculty, or staff can charge print jobs to their university accounts. All users have the option to pay cash, but will have to pay and pick-up printouts at the Undergraduate Library's Circulation desk. Anyone may also set up a "prepaid account" which acts like a debit card.  Contact the Library Systems Office at 244-4688 if you want to charge against a department Banner/FOAPL account on an ongoing basis.


I hit print, but my document is not printing at SSHEL's printer. 
Be sure to select LibraryB&W when printing. Then, you will need to release the print job by logging onto the print release station computer using your NetID and password. If your document still won't print, ask for assistance at the Information Services Desk.

My document is over 100 pages and it's not printing.
Print the file in multiple sections (e.g. pages 1-25, 25-50, etc.)

Where can I pay with cash?
Select the printer called "UGL B&W" or "UGL Color." After hitting print, go to the Undergraduate Library Circulation Desk and pay for the print job. At this time, the Undergraduate Library Circulation staff with release your print job for printing at one of their print release stations.

The release station is not letting me login.
Make sure you are using your NetID/Active Directory credentials. If you enter your password incorrectly too many times, your account may have been locked. You can unlock it using the CITES Password Management portal,

Why can I print directly to the printer in some libraries, but not others?
To reduce waste paper and make it easier for patrons to find their print jobs, the busiest libraries have a release station next to the printers. This makes it easier to find your documents, because they print right next to you when you release the job. Release stations are located in SSHEL, Undergraduate Library, Grainger Engineering Library, Funk-ACES Library, and MPAL.

My job didn’t print, or it printed incorrectly. How do I request a refund?
You can view your printing history and request a full or partial refund by checking your PaperCut account. In the lower right hand corner of the monitor near the time, click on the little white arrow in the taskbar to show all running programs, then double-click on the green "P" PaperCut icon. In the small window, click "Details" and login with your NetID and password to view print job history and request refunds. This can also be reached by clicking the Details link in the PaperCut pop-up client.




Scanners are located in both SSHEL South and SSHEL North.


A photocopier is available for public use in SSHEL Room 101. Library photocopiers are free. They do not require copy cards or cash.



Microfiche Scanner/Reader/Printer

SSHEL has a microfiche/film scanner/reader/printer in SSHEL North in the hallway leading to the Microfiche & Test Collection Room (room 104). You can create PDFs and save to a flashdrive or email the PDF to yourself. 



Audiovisual Equipment

Audiovisual editing and viewing equipment is available for students, faculty, and staff from the Undergraduate Library Loanable Technology collection. 



Fax Machine

There are no public fax machines in any of the campus libraries. Campus Printing does offer faxing services, and Champaign Public Library has a fee-based public fax machine. There are also online faxing services.




None of the campus libraries offer lamination services. Campus Printing offers lamination, as do FedEx Office and other copy shops.