Instructional Services

  • Summer Hours Monday-Friday: 8:30am-6:00pm; Saturday-Sunday 1-5pm
  •   SSHEL North (Room 100) and SSHEL South (Room 101), Main Library
  • (217) 244-1864

Need someone to talk to your class about research resources?

Need an online research guide created to help your students access materials?

We can help!

Librarians provide support for classes by teaching students about the research process and about print and online resources that are available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Library instruction is provided at the request of the instructor for all colleges and departments supported by the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL). We provide a variety of instructional sessions to fit your needs, from intensive sessions in your classroom to online research guides that support research assignments. 

In addition to scheduling personalized sessions for your classes, you might also want to have your students attend a regularly scheduled Saavy Researcher workshops. These sessions provide instruction for students in areas ranging from tours of the Library to advanced research tools.

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Group Instruction FAQs

What are group instruction sessions?
As librarians we are charged with ensuring an information literate campus. Group instruction sessions are designed to help students understand how to locate, evaluate, and access information needed to produce research of the highest quality.

What groups are eligible?
We are happy to schedule sessions for any classes, including graduate and undergraduate level, in disciplines served by SSHEL.

Where do we meet?
Generally, group instruction sessions are held in the library. The sessions usually start in SSHEL and migrate to a computer lab in the Main Library or Undergraduate Library. If requested, arrangements can be made to meet in a departmental computer lab or the regular classroom. In special circumstances, other locations on campus may be secured. Note: All arrangements require reasonable advance notice.

What is included in the group instruction session?
Any or all of the following are included...

Can you create an online guide for a specific class or assignment?
Yes! We can create a research guide with the best resources for a specific class, topic, or assignment. See examples of class guides on SSHEL's Class Guides webpage.


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