The School Collection: Children's Literature at the Education and Social Science Library
The School Collection: Children's Literature at the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library

Classics Retold and Continued Guide

Classic literature contains universal themes and often continues to influence writers and readers alike. The stories below retell classic literature for children and adults, continuing the story, mixing fantasy and realism, fleshing out characters, and exposing new ideas.

They are organized by the original work or author, including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Pied Piper, Robin Hood, and Shakespeare.

Most books are located in the School (S-) Collection (Room 112, Main Library) of the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library. However, books may also be located at the Center for Children's Books and older books may be located in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library (Room 346, Main Library) or in the Oak Street Facility. To verify the location of an item, please search for the book in the Online Library Catalog. If you require assistance locating an item, please ask for assistance at the SSHEL Information Services Desk.

Alice in Wonderland

741.5 B3903ha v.1
Beddor, Frank. Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars Vol. 1
In a morphed Wonderland the Queen’s bodyguard, Hatter Madigan, undertakes an unscheduled journey through this sinister dystopia to rescue Alyss, the lost princess of Wonderland. This is a graphic novel.

Q. S. B3903p
Princess Alyss of Wonderland. 2007
A scrapbook filled with the collected letters, journal writings and vibrant art of a lost princess.

S. B3903l
The Looking Glass Wars. 2006
Alyss Heart has been forced out of her kingdom by her evil aunt Redd. Living in Oxford as Alice Liddell, she struggles to retain her identity and memories and return to her home.
     Sequels (Looking Glass Wars):
     S. B3903s
     Seeing Redd. 2007
     S. B3903a
     ArchEnemy. 2009

S. K617r 2000
King-Smith, Dick. The Roundhill. 1999
Evan at first resents the strange girl who appears in his special place; but eventually they become friends and she introduces him to a special book.

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Peter Pan

S. B279p
Barry, Dave. Peter and the Starcatchers. 2004
When orphaned Peter sets sail on the ship Never Land, he never expected to meet Molly, a young starcatcher, and join those trying to guard the magical stardust from greedy pirates.
     Sequels (Peter):
     S. B279p
     Peter and the Shadow Thieves. 2006
     S. D272p
     Peter and the Secret of Rundoon. 2007

S. H251c
Hart, James V. Capt. Hook : The Adventures of a Notorious Youth. 2005
In the original story of Peter Pan, Captain Hook's past is briefly hinted at; "he had been at a famous public school." This is the story of Hook at that school and how he became a pirate king afterwards.

S. L578fa
Levine, Gail Carson. Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg. 2005
A new fairy has arrived in Never Land, just in time for a catastrophic event. Can Prilla, the fairy without a talent, rescue Mother Dove’s egg and save Never Land's magic?

S. M128p
McCaughrean, Geraldine. Peter Pan in Scarlet. 2006
It's 1930 and Neverland is in danger. Wendy and the Lost Boys must help Peter Pan to save Neverland and stop the terrible nightmares which are leaking out into the real world.

S. W155w
Wallace, Karen. Wendy. 2004
This novel explores Wendy’s unhappy life before the coming of Peter Pan.

Pied Piper of Hamlin

S. N162br
Napoli, Donna Jo. Breath. 2003
The story of the Piper of Hamelin as told by the sick boy who is left behind.

S. P887a
Pratchett, Terry. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. 2001
The clever Maurice, a cat, with the help of a boy and some rats, con town after town until they are faced with an evil rat king and have to reconsider what they value most.

Fiction R3931af2001
Richardson, Bill. After Hamelin. 2000
Penelope awakens one morning and can no longer hear; so when the Pied Piper steals the town's children, she is left behind. With the help of a strange group of friends, she goes on a quest to rescue her sister and friends.

S. St713r
Stone, David Lee. The Ratastrophe Catastrophe. 2004
This satirical retelling of the Pied Piper features a simple shepherd boy who has been possessed by evil magic, a group of well-intentioned but misfit mercenaries, and a foolish duke.
     Sequels (Illmoor Chronicles):
     S. St713y
     The Yowler Foul-up. 2006
     S. St713s
     The Shadewell Shenanigans. 2005

S. Sk67W
Skurzynkski, Gloria. What Happened in Hamelin. 1979
This fictionalized history of the Pied Piper attempts to place the story in its historical setting and explain the characters' motives and the true, tragic fate of the children of Hamelin.

S. W3786w
Weatherill, Cat. Wild Magic. 2008
Mari and her brother Jakob join the other children of Hamelin as they follow the Pied Piper into a world of wild magic, where they will remain until the fearsome Beast identifies the child chosen to free him from a centuries-old curse.

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Robin Hood

Cadnum, Michael. Forbidden Forest: the Story of Little John and Robin Hood. 2002
Profiles Little John, from his quiet life before joining Robin Hood through his adventures protecting a beautiful lady when she is wrongfully accused of murdering her husband.

Cadnum, Michael. In a Dark Wood. 1998
On orders from the King, the Sheriff of Nottingham seeks to capture the outlaw Robin Hood, but he finds him to be a tricky and elusive foe.

S. F979r
Furlong, Monica. Robin's Country. 1995
The story of Robin Hood is retold from the point of view of a small boy, nicknamed Dummy, who flees to Sherwood to escape a cruel master.

S. M215o
McKinley, Robin. Outlaws of Sherwood. 1988
This retelling of Robin Hood focuses on the characters and their various motivations and lives.

S.741.5973 D922h
Pyle, Howard. Howard Pyle's Robin Hood. 2008
Robin Hood is redone as a graphic novel in this adaptation by Joe Dunn illustrated by Ben Dunn.

S. Sp83r
Springer, Nancy. Rowan Hood : Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest. 2001
Rowan has never met her father, Robin Hood, but when her mother is murdered she sets out to find him with a motley group of friends.
     S. Sp83I
     Lionclaw : a Tale of Rowan Hood. 2002
     S. Sp83o
     Outlaw Princess of Sherwood. 2003
     S. Sp83w
     Wild boy. 2004
     S. Sp83ro
     Rowan Hood Returns. 2005

S. T5972f 1995
Tomlinson, Theresa. The Forestwife. 1995
Mary flees to the forest to escape marriage to an elderly widower and discovers a new life with the people of the forest. This is a new twist on the traditional story of Maid Marian.

S. Sh581
Yolen, Jane. Sherwood : Original Stories from the World of Robin Hood. 2000
Eight original stories connected to the legend of Robin Hood.


S. F452d
Fiedler, Lisa. Dating Hamlet : Ophelia's story. 2002
Ophelia retells the story of Hamlet from her point of view - with a very different ending!

S. F452r
Fiedler, Lisa. Romeo's ex : Rosaline's story. 2006
Whatever happened to Rosaline, Romeo's first love? A retelling of Romeo and Juliet from Rosaline's point of view.

S. K672o
Klein, Lisa M. Ophelia: a Novel. 2006
In a story based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia tells of her life in the court at Elsinore, her love for Prince Hamlet, and her escape from the violence in Denmark.

S. L567O
Lester, Julius. Othello : a novel. 1995
A retelling of Shakespeare's Othello with several minor, but important, changes.

S. Se486s
Selfors, Suzanne. Saving Juliet. 2008
Seventeen-year-old Mimi Wallingford’s stage fright and fight with her mother on the closing night of Romeo and Juliet are nothing compared to the troubles she faces when she and her leading man are transported to Shakespeare’s Verona, where she decides to give the real Juliet a happy ending.

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