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The School Collection: Children's Literature at the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library

Bibliographies of Children's Literature

Online Resources

The sites in this list are selected online bibliographies of children's literature on various subjects. To find out whether or not the books from these lists are in the S-Collection, look the items up in the Online Library Catalog.

  • African-American Voices in Children's Fiction

    The titles in this list were compiled by the Arrowhead Library System in Wisconsin. All of the annotated entries are grouped by age level.

  • Banned Books Online

    Books that have been the objects of censorship or have had censorship attempts are featured in this web site.

  • The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books by Decade

    A list of the challenges reported to or recorded by the Office for Intellectual Freedom, American Library Association.

  • Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project

    The Rosetta Project, sponsored by Children's Books Online, is a digital collection of illustrated antique children's books that were published in the 19th and early 20th century. The site offers versions of its collection translated into multiple world languages. (Note: all the images on the S-Collection pages are taken from books in the Rosetta Project's collection.)

  • Dreams of Space

    Check out this excellent website dedicated to the history of space travel in children's literature. The site includes bibliographies of books dating as far back as 1883, information on authors and illustrators, and a history of space art.

  • Recommended Picture Books Featuring Interracial Families

    The Cooperative Center for Children's Books at the University of Wisconsin-Madison created this bibliography of Recommended Picture Books Featuring Interracial Families.

  • Juvenile Series and Sequels

    This database, compiled by librarians at the Mid-Continent Public Library, provides information about over 28,000 books in 3,700 series for young readers. Series are leveled JE for birth through 2nd grade readers, J for 2nd through 6th grade readers, and YA for 6th through 12th grade readers. Each series page lists the volumes and the series and the order in which the books "should" be read. Series can be accessed by series title, book title, author name, and series subject (e.g., cats, boarding school, Animorphs, King Arthur).

  • Old Children's Books

    This site contains booklists for children of all ages, plus book links and author links.

  • Oyate

    Oyate is a Native organization working to see that lives and histories of Native Americans are portrayed honestly. Included in this web site are an evaluation of texts, resource materials, and fiction by and about Native peoples.

  • South Asia Book Award

    The South Asia Book Award is given out each year to two books that “accurately and skillfully portray South Asia or South Asians in the diasporas.” Along with lists of the winning and honor books, the website also includes resources such as lesson plans and related websites and blogs.

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Print Resources

The books in this list are a representative sample of the specialized bibliographies that are contained in the S-Collection's reference section. Call numbers have been included for your convenience.

S.016.80883 AD19RE
Adamson, Lynda G. Recreating the Past: A Guide to American and World Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults. 1994.
The author has selected 970 works of historical fiction for children that are both historically accurate and well written. More than a bibliography, this guide offers some analysis of style and themes along with evaluative comments. Entries are arranged by historical time period. A thorough index and several appendices provide access to the titles by people groups, countries, and grade level.

S.016.813 AN24n
Anderson, Vicki. Native Americans in Fiction: A Guide to 765 Books for Librarians and Teachers, K-9. 1994.
The fiction books included in this bibliography cover the social life and customs of many Native American tribes. The annotated citations are arranged by tribe and geographic region. In addition to author, title, and subject indexes, an appendix provide additional access points to finding information about tribes, subtribes, and areas.

S.016.80883 An24s
Anderson, Vicki. Sequels in Children's Literature: an Annotated Bibliography of Books in Succession or with Shared Themes and Characters K-6. 1998.
The books selected in this index have a common thread reappearing in each book. The list contains about 7500 titles arranged alphabetically by author. Brief bibliographic information is given.

S.011.62 B28b 2007
Barr, Catherine and John T. Gillespie. Best Books for Children: Preschool through Grade Six. 3rd ed. 2007.
Barstow has annotated and indexed over 2,000 first readers for young children. The titles are arranged alphabetically by author and can be accessed by subject, title, illustrator, readabiltiy level, and series. The introductory chapter contains a list of the most outstanding first readers.

S.011.62 B28b 2007
Barstow, Barbara. Beyond Picture Books: A Guide to First Readers. 3rd ed. 2007.
Barstow has annotated and indexed over 2,000 first readers for young children. The titles are arranged alphabetically by author and can be accessed by subject, title, illustrator, readabiltiy level, and series. The introductory chapter contains a list of the most outstanding first readers.

S.016.8088 B326L
Bauermeister, Erica and Holly Smith. Let's Hear It for the Girls: 375 Great Books for Readers 2 - 14. 1997.
The books in this bibliography feature female protagonists of all races, ages, classes, and colors. The books are arranged alphabetically by title under four different age or reading levels. The authors have indexed the entries by title, author, date of the setting, genre, region and country and subject.

MFICHE 820.9 P91
Bayfield, Juliana. Pre 1890 Australian children's books microfiche package. Adelaide. 1994.
Contains the text of 297 books which are listed in Bibliography of Australian children's books. There are two volumes.

016.741642 N637b
Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. Ernest Nister: Publications in the Renier Collection. London. 1990.
Lists only Nister titles published by Nister that are part of the Renier Collection. Includes some illustrations with the text. Entries are by title and do not include bibliographic information. There is a separate listing of original water-colours and drawings as well as a content and format index and an index of authors, editors, and artists.

S.813.09 C223r
Carpan, Carolyn. Rocked by Romance: A Guide to Teen Romance Fiction. 2004.

S.016.81308 H832a 1997
Coffey, Rosemary K. and Elizabeth F. Howard. America as Story: Historical Fiction for Middle and Secondary Schools. 2nd ed. 1997.
Make history come alive with one of the 200 titles in this bibliography. The citations are organized by historical time period from colonial America to the present day. Each citation includes a summary, comments, and ideas for reports or activities. A title-author index is appended.

S.016.2 D687c
Dole, Patricia Pearl. Children's Books about Religion. 1999.
Within the 17 chapters of this book, the author discusses religious books published after 1990. Older books are mentioned briefly at the end of each section. Includes author, subject, and title indexes.

S.016.8093876 F444e
Fichtelberg, Susan. Encountering Enchantment: A Guide to Speculative Fiction for Teens. 2007.

S.016.028550973 F862r
Fraser, Elizabeth. Reality Rules: A Guide to Teen Nonfiction Reading Interests. 2007.

S.016.5S CI27 1996
Gath, Tracy and Maria Sosa. eds. Science Books & Films' Best Books for Children 1992-1995. 1996.
The title of this bibliography is more limited than its actual scope. The citations cover 16 general subject areas including agriculture, astronomy, math, the social sciences, biography, history and geography. Grade/ interest level information is included in the lengthy annotations. The books are indexed by reviewer, title, and author.

S.028.5 G412besup
Gillespie, John T. and Catherine Barr. Best Books for Middle School and Junior High Readers: Grades 6-9. 2006.

S.028.5 G412bsup
Gillespie, John T. and Catherine Barr. Best Books for High School Readers: Grades 9-12. 2006.

S.011.6242 G443
Girls Series Books: A Checklist of Titles Published 1840-1991. 1992.
The books in this bibliography of girls' series books are organized by series name. The citations are indexed chronologically, as well as by author and publisher.

S.016.8108 H366m
Helbig, Aletha K., and Agnes Regan Perkins. Many Peoples, One Land: a Guide to New Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults. 2001.
African American, Asian American, Hispanic, and Native American characters are prominently featured in this annotated bibliography of fiction, oral tradition and poetry titles published between 1994-1999. The entries are arranged alphabetically within each ethnic group. Indexes include title, writers, illustrators, subject, and grade level.

S.016.813 H412t 2003
Herald, Diana Tixier. Teen Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests. 2nd ed. 2003.

S.016.96 K528a
Khorana, Meena. Africa in Literature for Children and Young Adults: An Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Books. 1994.
As part of the "Bibliographies and Indexes in World Literature Series," this guide contains books set in Africa that were written by both African and Western authors from 1873 to 1994. Colonial, postcolonial Western, and postcolonial Africa literatures are represented. The entries are arranged by geographic location and further divided by literary genre. Khorana includes a list of distributors in addition to the author, title, illustrator, and subject indexes.

Q. S.011.62 L628a 2006
Lima, Carolyn W. and John A. Lima. A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books. 7th ed. 2006.
Start with this book for subject access to children's picture books. A to Zoo provides more than 14,000 citations under 800 subject headings. The entries are organized by subject and indexed by author and illustrator.

S.016.02855 M437p
Matulka, Denise. Picture This: Picture Books for Young Adults: a Curriculum-Related Annotated Bibliography. 1997.
This book is divided into 6 subject areas, containing annotated lists of picture books for young adults. The author also discusses the topic of exploring picture books with adolescents. Included are professional resources and title, author, illustrator and subject lists.

S.016.42824 M123b
McCaffrery, Laura Hibbets. Building an ESL Collection for Young Adults: a Bibliography of Recommended Fiction and Non-Fiction for Schools and Public Libraries. 1998.
The books included in this bibliography are appropriate for the ESL reader. These books are broken up into subject categories, such as adventure, biographies, career, folktales, ethnic diversity, history, science and sports. Included are author, subject, title, and ethnic group indexes.

S.011.62 N213a 2002
National Council of Teachers of English. Committee on the Elementary School Booklist. Adventuring with Books: A Booklist for Pre-K - Grade 6. 13th ed. 2002.
Short summaries of 1,800 books are listed in this bibliography. Books were chosen for their literary and artistic quality. The citations are arranged by topic and a few black and white photographs of book jackets are included.

S.016.973 R153b 2001
Rand, Donna, et. al. Black Books Galore!: Guide to More Great African American Children's Books. 2001.
This is a bibliography of books portraying positive messages about the African-American race. Information about book awards, such as the Coretta Scott King Award, appear near the end of the book. Included are title, author, illustrator, and topic indexes.

S.011.62 Sch651r 2009
Schon, Isabel. Recommended Books in Spanish for Children and Young Adults, 2004-2008. 2009.
Although the books are in Spanish, all of the citations are written in English. Schon has compiled a bibliography of Spanish reference books, nonfiction, series books, and fiction titles for children. Each annotated citation includes a brief summary and recommended grade levels. An appendix of book dealers who carry Spanish materials for children and youth has been included along with author, title, and subject indexes.

S.016.51 W845 1998
Thiessen, Diane and Margaret Matthias. eds. The Wonderful World of Mathematics: A Critically Annotated List of Children's Books in Mathematics. 1998.
From counting to measurement to geometry, this bibliography rates books are their usefulness in teaching mathematical concepts to children. The books are indexed by author and title.

S.028.162 T364p
Thomas, James L. Play Learn & Grow: An Annotated Guide to the Best Materials for Very Young Children. 1992.
This bibliography begins with the premise that the adult's role in emergent literacy is crucial. Thomas provides helpful aids such as a chart of developmentally appropriate responses to books in his introductory chapters. The annotated entries include pointers to review sources along with brief summaries. The citations are thoroughly indexed by name, subject, age, and format. Thomas has also created an index called priority purchase to help teachers, librarians, and parents buy the best books first.

S.011.62 T366p 2009
Thomas, Rebecca and Catherine Barr. Popular Series Fiction for K-6: A Reading and Selection Guide. 2009.

S.016.823008 T36p 2009
Thomas, Rebecca and Catherine Barr. Popular Series Fiction for Middle School and Teen Readers: A Reading and Selection Guide. 2009.

S.016.81309 V889j
Volz, Bridget Dealy. Junior Genreflecting: a Guide to Good Reads and Series Fiction for Children. 2000.
This book is divided into 7 chapters the first of which discusses topics dealing with "reading for life." The other chapters cover subject areas such as adventure, animals, contemporary life, fantasy, historical fiction, and mysteries. The author gives a short annotation to each book, and at the end of each section, adds a list of her all-time favorites. Author, title, and subject indexes are included.

S.016.813 W215v
Ward, Marilyn. Voices from the Margins: An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction on Disabilities and Differences For Young People. 2002.

Q. S.016.813 W55
What Do Children and Young Adults Read Next? 2002-.
Designed to help children in grades 1-12 find good books to read. Each entry contains bibliographic information, main characters, brief plot summaries, citations for reviews, and suggestions for further reading. In addition to the traditional author, title, and subject indexes, this book includes indexes for awards, time periods, age levels, and characters. Updated every few years.

S.809.3 Z188a
Zarian, Beth Bartleson. Around the World with Historical Fiction and Folktales: Highly Recommended and Award-winning Books, Grades K-8. 2004.

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