English as an International Language Guide

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English as an International Language Guide

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Location of Materials

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign contains many useful resources to facilitate academic study and research in the teaching and learning of English as a second, foreign, or international language. These resources are primarily located in either the  Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) or the  Literatures & Languages Library. The Curriculum Collection in SSHEL maintains a small number of textbooks and classroom resources to aid the beginning English learner, particularly those in the elementary or secondary grades. These materials are located under the call numbers 428.24, 428.34, or 428.64, preceded by the prefixes TEXT or CURR. In addition, the Department of Linguistics maintains a specialized library facility. The  TESL Library, located in Room 3046 of the Foreign Languages Building, is an excellent source of information on English language education. It houses a collection of books, select current journals, and equipment.



Call Numbers

Call numbers are groups of numbers and/or letters that classify library items by subject. Items are arranged on bookshelves by call number. The Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) uses both the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems.

If you would like to browse bookshelves for materials about English as an Second/International Language, material with Dewey call numbers in the 420s and 428s or with the Library of Congress call numbers starting with PE will yield the best results. Again, the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) and the Literatures & Languages Library have the most relevant material. However, the Undergraduate Library and Communications Library may house some materials. In addition, older materials are often located in the Main Library Bookstacks (Main Stacks) on the Library's second floor or Oak Street Facility (request these items through the Online Library Catalog).

The following is a breakdown of the linguistics and English language call number range. For more information about call numbers, see the How to Read a Library of Congress Call Number and Guide to Reading Dewey Decimal Call Numbers.










Etymology and dictionaries of standard English

PE1571-1599 (etymology); PE1620-1630 (dictionaries)


Grammar of standard English



Historical and geographic variations; modern nongeographic variations of English

PE1700- PE3602


Standard English usage (prescriptive linguistics/applied linguistics)




Structural approach to learning English for non-native English speakers



Audio-lingual approach to learning English for non-native English speakers



English readers for those whose native language is different




Online Language Learning Tools

Language training software which includes American English, British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Spanish (Spain). Learning programs are also suited to user needs, as the software offers Complete Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.



Article and Journal Databases

Databases are structured sets of information, stored in print or online. Often, databases are online collections of journal article citations and full-text. Find articles about a specific topic by using keywords, subject headings, authors, and more.

In addition to general and social science-related databases, the following resources provide citations to articles and other items on English as an international language:

Education Full-Text. 1983-Present.

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) .1966-Present
A vast educational database containing citations to over 1 million journal articles and documents. 

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA). 1973-Present
Contains article abstracts from approximately 2,000 linguistics serials.

Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA). 1921-Present



Current Reference Material and Other Books

Resources published after 1990. Reference sources, online or in print, include encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and directories. These are great starting points for background information about a specific topic.

General Resources

PE1128.A2 A534 2001
Analysing English in a Global Context: A Reader. 2001.
Literatures and Languages Library

PE2751 .P46 1994
The Cultural Politics of English as an International Language. 1994.
Literatures and Languages Library

Directory of Professional Preparation Programs in TESOL in the United States: 2002-2004. 2002.
SSHEL Reference

Q.403 En19 2006
The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. 2006.
Main Reference

PE2751 .E57 1997
Englishes Around the World. 1997.
Literatures and Languages Library

From Testing to Assessment: English as an International Language. 1994.
SSHEL Stacks 

PE1074.7 .T78 2008
International English: A Guide to Varieties of Standard English. 2008.
Literatures and Languages Library

PE2751 .O83 1992
The Other Tongue: English Across Cultures. 1992.
Literatures and Languages Library

427 M459o
The Oxford Guide to World English. 2002.
Main Reference

PE1128.A2 .S73 1993
State of the Art TESOL Essays. 1993.
Undergrad Reserve

Tasks for Independent Language Learning. 1996.

Resources for Learning

PE2751 .A98 1995
Do's and Taboos of Using English Around the World. 1995.
Undergrad Library

423 Ox232003
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary., with English-Arabic Index. 2003.
Main Stacks

PE2751 .J46 2003
World Englishes: A Resource Book for Students. 2003.
Literatures and Languages Library

Resources for Teaching

PE1128.A2 L54 1996
Functional English Grammar: An Introduction for Second Language Teachers. 1996.
Literatures and Languages Library

418 H191 
Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning. 2005. 

Handbook on Research on Teaching the English Language Arts. 2011. (online)

420.7 C56 v.27
Ideas for the Working Classroom: Classroom Practices in Teaching English. Volume 27. 1993.
Main Stacks

428.007 Sh73I
Interactive Techniques for the ESL Classroom. 1991.
SSHEL Stacks

420.7 Sn61m  2006
More Than a Native Speaker: An Introduction for Volunteers Teaching Abroad. 2006.
SSHEL Stacks



Historical Material

Resources published prior to 1990.

General Resources

PE2751 .K3 1990
The Alchemy of English: The Spread, Functions, and Models of Non-Native Englishes. 1990.
Literatures and Languages Library

PE2751 .D57 1987
Discourse Across Cultures: Strategies in World Englishes. 1987.
Literatures and Languages Library

PE1700 .E5 1982
English as a World Language. 1982.
Literatures and Languages Library

PE1128.A2 E485 1985
English in the World: Teaching and Learning the Language and Literatures. 1985.
Literatures and Languages Library

PE1073 .R4 1983
Readings in English as an International Language. 1983.
Literatures and Languages Library

428.007 L125t
Teaching English Across Cultures. 1988.
SSHEL Stacks

Resources for Teaching

420.7 C87R 1980A
Readings on English as a Second Language: For Teachers and Teacher Trainees. 1980.
Main Stacks

PE1128.A2 S864 1980
Teaching English as an International Language: From Practice to Principle. 1980.
Literatures and Languages Library

Resources for Learning

425 C62R
A Reference Grammar for Students of English. 1975.
Main Stacks


TOEFL Preparation Materials

The English as an International Language Collection contains many books, software, and other electronic resources for TOEFL test preparation. To search for material in the Online Library Catalog, use the following keywords: TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language, English language examinations, study guides English language, or textbooks for foreign speakers.




Most of these sites offer general information as well as pages for both English teachers and students of the language. Therefore, teachers and learners are encouraged to visit each of the sites. Nonetheless, the websites are arranged into categories indicating their primary focus. The sites contain insight into English-language topics, activities for learning the language, general interest reading in English, teaching tools such as lesson plans, related links to additional sites, and much more.

For English Learners

For English Teachers

For Both Teachers and Learners



Selected Journals

418An782 and Online
Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
Main Stacks

Applied Linguistics

English for Specific Purposes
(Continues ESP Journal (428.05Es).)

820.9En368 and Online
English in Africa
Most recent issues in Literatures and Languages Library, older material in Main Stacks.

820.5Ena and Online
English Journal.

English Teaching Forum (Formerly Forum) .
1993-Current: Online

420.5Eng and Online
English Today: The International Review of the English Language

427.905En and Online
English World-wide: A Journal of Varieties of English

418.005In and Online
International Journal of Applied Linguistics

418.005Is and Online
Issues in Applied Linguistics  
Most recent issues in Literatures and Languages Library, older material in Main Stacks.

Language Acquisition
Oak Street

405LAL and Online
Language Learning

407 L26943 and Online
Language Testing

407.072Se24 and Online
Second Language Research 
Most recent issues in Literatures and Languages Library, older material in Main Stacks.

410.5 STU and Online
Studies in Second Language Acquisition

420.7t284 and Online
TESL Canada Journal

428.007t284 and Online
TESOL Journal [Ceased.]

F. 428.07 T2842
TESOL Matters 
Main Stacks

420.705 TE and Online
TESOL Quarterly
Most recent issues in SSHEL, older material in Main Stacks. 

428.07W8931 and Online
World Englishes


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