Statistical Sources by Subject

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Statistical Sources by Subject

This page focuses on statistical sources of specific disciplines such as education, health, crime, population and demography, and arms control. Links to international sources of statistical information are included. If you are interested in material about statistical methodology, see the Data & Statistical Methodology Guides page. Other libraries on campus, particularly Government Information Services and Scholarly Commons have additional important sources of statistical information. 

All titles listed in this guide are located in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) Reference Collection unless otherwise noted. The location SSHEL RCC indicates the item is held in the SSHEL Reference Circulating Collection.


Crime and JusticeEconomics, Labor & Employment StatisticsEducation Statistics | Health Statistics | Library and Information Sciences statistics|  Public Opinion Data



Crime and Justice



Economics, Labor, & Employment Statistics



Education Statistics

***See our College and University Rankings page for statistical comparisons of higher education institutions.

National Education Statistics

State of Illinois Education Statistics

International Education Statistics



Health Statistics

United States


For more health statistics, see the Health Portal's Health Statistics and Data page.



Library and Information Sciences Statistics



Public Opinion Data