Data and Statistical Sources

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Data and Statistical Sources

This guide refers primarily to selected sources of descriptive datasets and statstical sources in the fields of social sciences, health, and education and areas within the social sciences, such as crime, population and demography, and arms control.


Data Services and Assistance

  • Numeric and Spatial Data Services at The Library
    Services offered include acquiring data sets needed for teaching and research; locating, downloading and preparing data for secondary analysis; identifying and creating course materials and teaching tools (including customized data sets drawn from various data repositories) and consulting about software problems.
  • ATLAS 
    ATLAS is designed to support the teaching and research needs of students and faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). They provide a range of statistics and GIS services (generally free for LAS faculty and students, fee-based for others).


Other library units, particularly Government Information Services and Scholarly Commons, have additional important sources of statistical information.