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Comparative Political Economy: Multinational Corporations


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Welcome!  We are providing this site to assist you in exploring library resources on your topic.  Our library is one of the largest in the United States and it can be very intimidating.  We will try to make things a little easier for you, but you have to ask questions.  It takes patience, curiosity, and a sense of adventure to use our resources and facilities so think of this page as a road map for your travels with us.

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Other Library pages that might be of use to you include - Business Information Services, Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library, Global Studies Library, and the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library.



Guidelines for citing electronic and print resources are available from the Reference Library's Cite a Sourcepage and the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library's Style and Writing Guide.


A great tool for writing papers, RefWorks helps you export bibliographic records from databases, change the citation styles as needed, and import the citation directly into a Word document so you can create bibliographies on the fly. 



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There are over 25 departmental libraries on our campus, and sometimes it may be difficult to determine where to find the resources you need. For your class, the library that you will be using most is the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL). We are located in SSHEL North (Room 100) and SSHEL South (Room 101) of the Main Library building. Do no hesitate to come in and ask one of our energetic and helpful information desk assistants.

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