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A Guide to Library Resources for Educational Policy Studies 420 (SOC 420)


Statistics | Reference Resources | Articles | Books & Journals | Impact of 1960's Movements on Education | Citing Sources | Research Assistance



U.S. Education Statistics

U.S. General Statistics

U.S. Disability Statistics

International Statistics


HINT: The U.S. Government releases many reports about topics in education. Since many of these reports are in PDF format, run a Google search, but limit your search by filetype. For example, the Google search: bullying statistics us government filetype:pdf , finds the "Student Reports of Bullying and Cyber-Bullying" report from the U.S. Department of Education. Change the keywords and add others if necessary.

HINT: For additional international statistics and information, check a country's department of education website. For example, the United Kingdom's Department of Education has a section about data, research and statistics.



Reference resources are sources of solid background information about the trends, history, and social movements in education. All books are located in Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library reference collection unless otherwise noted.


Online Reference Collection

Start by keyword searching larger collections of encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks. It's also possible to browse an specific online reference source by subject. Suggestions of specific reference sources are listed after the collection name.



Scholarly journal, newspaper, and magazine articles are one of the primary means of communicating research ideas. They are an important component of academic research and give you some insight into ongoing debates and scholarly conversations about your topic. You can find articles through database searches.

Finding articles is a two-step process:

Education Databases

Sociology Databases

General and Other Subject Article Databases

Searching Article Databases

Experiment with keywords to search article databases.


HINT: The starred (*) databases can be searched at the same time. After entering one database, click on Specific Databases in the center of the page; select the additional databases you would like to search. You will save time by not running individual searches in each database.



Library catalogs are used for two purposes. First, if you know exactly what you are looking for, for example you know the exact title of a book or journal or an author's name. Second, you can use library catalogs to find materials that might be helpful to you by doing subject and keyword searching.



In addition to the sources and research suggestions above, the resources and search hints below will help you with your EPS/SOC 420 paper.

Background Research

Reference sources are a great starting point for background information about a topic. The Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library, as well as other libraries at Illinois, have general AND subject specific reference books.

Find Books, Journals and Articles

Search the Online Library Catalog and the databases in the Articles section using these suggested search terms or similar terms. Remember to search the subject or keywords field rather than the all text/anywhere field; this will provide more relevant results.



Online Resources



Guidelines for citing electronic and print resources are available from the Undergraduate Library's Citation Styles guide and the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library's Style and Writing Guides.

Need help collecting and organizing your citations and producing a list of works cited? Citation management tools can help! The guide “Citation Management Software Overview” helps users choose a citation management tool and provides links to other guides on specific options like Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote.



Ask-A-Librarian for Help with Your Research

Use our Ask-A-Librarian Service to IM, chat, email, phone or find a reference librarian.

Contact a librarian to request an appointment for an in-depth Research Consultation.

Finding Your Way Around

There are over 25 departmental libraries on our campus, and sometimes it may be difficult to determine where to find the resources you need.  For your class, the library that you will be using most is the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library. We are located in Room 100 and 101 of the Main Library building.

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