Research After Graduation: Free Resources

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Research After Graduation: Free Resources

Graduating soon? Worried you won't have access to research databases and journals after leaving the University of Illinois? Though you may lose access to many of the research tools available through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, there are multiple resources that are publicly available for free.

This list emphasizes research in the social sciences, health, and education fields. The Additional Resources section includes links to other universities' lists with free resources for other disciplines. Not all resources listed have full-text; however, it may be possible to access full-text through interlibrary loan or a secondary resource.

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General Information




Find articles and research about a specific topic.


***Note: Many public libraries also subscribe to online databases and reference materials. Both the Urbana Free Library and Champaign Public Library subscribe to Gale Virtual Reference Library. The Urbana Free Library subscribes to EBSCO Teacher Reference Center and Champaign Public Library subscribes to InfoTrac.***



Books &Journals

Find books and journals about a specific topic.


***Note: Ask your local public library about requesting books and other materials through Interlibrary Loan.***



General Resources


***Note: The American Library Association (ALA) has a list of the best free reference web sites.***



Research Reports

Various organizations, nonprofits, and think tanks conduct independent research on social science, health, education, and economic topics. Many of the organizations provide reports or summaries for free.



Government Information

There is a multitude of government information readily available to the public. Additional government resources can be found on the Government Information Services and U.S. Government Tools webpages.


***Note: For additional statistics resources, see Data and Statistical Sources in the Social Sciences. Many of the resources on the page, including international and education statistics, are accessible for free.***



Staying Informed

Associations often release data and research about their field. Joining an association may also provide you with connections to specialists and renowned researchers.




Citation Management Tools



Continued Library Services

Community members and visitors are welcome to use many of the University of Illinois Library resources, including library computers. Many other public universities, in Illinois and other states, also allow community members to use their technology and print materials. Check with public universities in your region to determine their policies.



Additional  Resources

Many other libraries and institutions have created lists of free databases.