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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Online Library Resources


Online Catalog  |  Online Journals & Database  |  Online Reference Collection


Library Online Catalog

The online catalog can be searched to find books, journals, newspapers, and other materials held in the university libraries. If you are not able to get to the library, you can call the Library Telephone Center at 1-866-262-1510 and request that materials be sent to your nearest I-Share library for pickup.

If you wish to limit your search to children's and young adult literature, you can do so using the Advanced Search. In the first drop-down list, select Subject, and enter juvenile in the search box. Use the second drop-down list to select the additional field you are interested in searching (Keyword, Title, Author, or Subject). Then, in the second search box, enter a subject, keyword, author name, or other search criteria. You can also display the newest items first by choosing the Sort option on the drop down menu once you get search results.  For instance, if I wanted to find children's books about whales, the search screen would look like this:

Juvenile Advanced Search Example


Online Journals & Databases

Online Journals & Databases is the library's central interface for electronic journals, article databases, indexes, and online reference tools. To check whether a particular journal title is available online, enter either title keywords or the start of the title (selecting the appropriate radio button below), and click Go. If the journal is available online, link(s) will be provided in the results list.

For help using Online Journals & Databases, see its help pages and, if you don't find the answer you need, ask a librarian!



Online Reference Collection

A well-organized compilation of informational sites selected and annotated by the library. Many resources on these pages are available only to authenticated UIUC users--for more information on authenticated access, see this FAQ.

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