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Encyclopedia of perception
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NCEA/Ganley's Catholic schools in America.
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Top American research universities : an occasional paper from the
Lombardi Program on Measuring University Performance
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Rankings & estimates : rankings of the states ... and estimates of
school statistics ...
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Jane's all the world's aircraft.
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Data analysis for experimental design
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Post-Christian feminisms : a critical approach
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Ritual alliances of the Putian plain
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Becoming Rasta : origins of Rastafari identity in Jamaica
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Theory construction and model-building skills : a practical guide for social scientists
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Missing data : a gentle introduction
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Designing an anthropology career : professional development exercises
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Improving survey response : lessons learned from the European Social
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Myth, matriarchy and modernity : Johann Jakob Bachofen in German culture, 1860-1945
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Class and personality in society
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Anthropology and the individual : a material culture perspective
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Violence : a new approach
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Preventing youth violence in a multicultural society
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Aboriginal environmental knowledge : rational reverence
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Gendered mobilities
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Burdened by race : Coloured identities in southern Africa
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Mind, society, and human action : time and knowledge in a theory of social economy
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Race, ethnicity, and policing : new and essential readings
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Managing world heritage sites
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Indigenous world, 2009.
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Instituto Colombiano de Antropología eHistoria, 2007.

Asian American Studies



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Teaching information literacy for inquiry-based learning
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Using analytical frameworks for classroom research : collecting data and analysing narrative
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Globalisation and europeanisation in education
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Instructional rounds in education : a network approach to improving teaching and learning
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Liberty and learning : academic freedom for teachers and students
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Wounded by school : recapturing the joy in learning and standing up to old school culture
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Engaging 'hard to reach' parents : teacher-parent collaboration to promote children's learning
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EM=C2 : a new formula for enrollment management
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Backlash : South Asian immigrant voices on the margins
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Association/McREL, c2009.

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Mathematics curriculum : issues, trends, and future directions
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Political Science

172.4 Un12 
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Cultural diversity and global media : the mediation of difference
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Globalization : a reader
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European Union's democratization agenda in the Mediterranean
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Metacognition in young children
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Peer-impact diagnosis and therapy : a handbook for successful practice with adolescents
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Working more creatively with groups
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Descartes and the puzzle of sensory representation
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Interpersonal communication
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DeGangi, Georgia A.
Kids' club letters : narrative tools for stimulating process and dialogue in therapy groups for children and adolescents
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Social Science (General)


Social Work

362.10941 G46p  
Glasby, Jon.
Partnership working in health and social care
Bristol [England] : Policy Press, 2008.

Speech Communication

658.4036 B834m  
Bruijn, J. A. de, 1962-
Management in networks : on multi-actor decision making
London ; New York : Routledge, 2008.

Gender and Women's Studies

305.40947 H783d 
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Women, civil society and the geopolitics of democratization
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Mani, Bonnie G.
Women, men, and human capital development in the public sector : return on investments
Lanham : Lexington Books, c2009.

Arms Control


Curriculum Collection

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Science, math, checkmate : 32 chess activities for inquiry and problem solving
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