March 2012 Selected Recent Acquisitions

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378.1550973 D262                    txt, cdrom
Data-based assessment of research doctorate programs in the United
Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, 2010.

519.5 F853s2011
Frankfort-Nachmias, Chava.
Social statistics for a diverse society
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Pine Forge Press, c2011.

808.06691 N815m2012          
Northey, Margot, 1940-
Making sense: a student's guide to research and writing
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

Q. 363.32503 W92                     v.1, v.2, v.3
World terrorism : an encyclopedia of political violence from ancient
times to the post-9/11 era
Armonk, NY : M.E. Sharpe, c2011.


291.1785 C554d 
Clarke, Matthew, 1969-
Development and religion : theology and practice
Cheltenham, UK : Northampton, Mass., USA : Edward Elgar, c2011.

Q. 300.71 Sp19ℓ                     text, cdrom
Spalter-Roth, Roberta M.
Launching majors into satisfying careers : a faculty manual with a student data set
Washington, DC : American Sociological Association, [2010].

301 D587i 
Dillon, Michele, 1960-
Introduction to sociological theory : theorists, concepts, and their applicability to the twenty-first century
Chichester, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

301.01 C352
Challenge of epistemology : anthropological perspectives
New York : Berghahn Books, c2011.

301.01 R2431
Recasting anthropological knowledge : inspiration and social science
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.

301.0723 R316
Returns to the field : multitemporal research and contemporary anthropology
Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2012.

301.0723 T196i 
Taussig, Michael T.
I swear I saw this : drawings in fieldwork notebooks, namely my own
Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2011.

301.092 M558c 
Concepts and the social order : Robert K. Merton and the future of sociology
Budapest, Hungary ; New York : Central European University Press, 2011.

301.0973 Ex711 
Expanding American anthropology, 1945-1980 : a generation reflects
Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c2012.

302 D858re 
Duck, Steve.
Rethinking relationships
Los Angeles : Sage Publications, c2011.

302.35 D138r:E 
Dahler-Larsen, Peter.
Evaluation society
Stanford, California : Stanford Business Books, an imprint of Stanford University Press, [2012].

302.35 H1915 
Handbook of employment and society : working space
Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2010.

302.4 T776
Trust and conflict : representation, culture and dialogue
Hove, East Sussex ; New York : Routledge, 2012.

303.3 Al271a 
Alexander, Jeffrey C., 1947-
Performance and power
Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity, 2011.

303.4 Ad14i 
Adam, Thomas, 1968-
Intercultural transfers and the making of the modern world, 1800-2000 : sources and contexts
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

303.482 C89964  
Cultural transfers in dispute : representations in Asia, Europe, and the Arab world since the Middle Ages
Frankfurt-on-Main ; New York : Campus Verlag, c2011.

304.6098 R115 
Racial identities, genetic ancestry, and health in South America :
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

305 M691c 
Misztal, Barbara A.
Challenges of vulnerability : in search of strategies for a less vulnerable social life
Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

305.09031 W829g 
Wojciehowski, Hannah Chapelle, 1957-
Group Identity in the Renaissance World
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.

305.235 C624 
Closing the capabilities gap : renegotiating social justice for the young
Opladen ; Farmington Hills, MI : Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2011.

305.2421 Y862 
Young men in uncertain times
New York : Berghahn Books, 2012.

305.56 P759 
Politics of misrecognition
Farnham, Surrey, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2011.

305.8 L549c 
Lentin, Alana.
Crises of multiculturalism : racism in a neoliberal age
London : Zed Books, c2011.

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Morning, Ann Juanita, 1968-
Nature of race : how scientists think and teach about human difference
Berkeley : University of California Press, c2011.

305.8 T189r 
Tattersall, Ian.
Race? : debunking a scientific myth
College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2011.

305.80071 B918c
Burkholder, Zoë.
Color in the classroom : how American schools taught race, 1900-1954
New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.

305.809948 Sm18v2011
Small, Cathy.
Voyages : from Tongan villages to American suburbs
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2011.

305.89700903 N213 
Native acts : Indian performance, 1603-1832
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2011.

305.906912 B796f:E
Brouard, Sylvain.
As French as everyone else? : a survey of French citizens of Maghrebin, African, and Turkish origin
Philadelphia : Temple University Press, c2011.

306 Ap589 
Applying anthropology in the global village
Walnut Creek, CA : Left Coast Press, Inc., c2012.

306 C281
Cosmopolitan sociability : locating transnational religious and diasporic networks
London : Routledge, 2012.

306.09730905 Am353
American dream in the 21st century
Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2011.

306.3 C431a
Chibnik, Michael, 1946-
Anthropology, economics, and choice
Austin : University of Texas Press, c2011.

306.362 H88
Human rights and migration : trafficking for forced labour
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

306.43 An8695 
Anthropologies of education : a global guide to ethnographic studies of learning and schooling
New York : Berghahn Books, 2012.

306.85 R3116
Researching families and relationships : reflections on process
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

306.8708996 Ex84
Extended families in Africa and the African diaspora
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Houndsmills, Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, c2011.

308.8073 R1142012 
Race and ethnicity in society : the changing landscape
Belmont, CA : Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, c2012.

325.30973 M8238s 
Morgensen, Scott Lauria.
Spaces between us : queer settler colonialism and indigenous decolonization
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2011.

325.4 M58852 
Migration and mobility in Europe : trends, patterns and control
Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2009.

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Pratt, Geraldine.
Families apart : migrant mothers and the conflicts of labor and love
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2012.

338.4 F519 
First Nations gaming in Canada
Winnipeg : University of Manitoba Press, c2011.

361.61 B4689 
Beyond welfare state models : transnational historical perspectives on social policy
Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, c2011.

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Total institutions and reinvented identities
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

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Substance misuse among indigenous peoples of Canada : the problem of inhaling solvents among the Cree and Blackfoot of Alberta
Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, c2011.

363.47097309 B789b 
Bronstein, Carolyn.
Battling pornography : the American feminist anti-pornography movement,
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.

364 M1452 
Measuring crime & criminality
New Brunswick : Transaction, 2011.

364.3 B778g 
Britton, Dana M.
Gender of crime
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2011.

364.360941 H783y 
Horn, Pamela.
Young offenders : juvenile delinquency 1700-2000
Stroud : Amberley, 2010.

364.67 K298t 
Kelly, Tobias.
This side of silence : human rights, torture, and the recognition of cruelty
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2012.

394.12 Ed831
Educated tastes : food, drink, and connoisseur culture
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2011.

398.20899 B764w 
Bridger, Bobby.
Where the tall grass grows : becoming indigenous and the mythological legacy of the American West
Golden, CO : Fulcrum Pub., c2011.

398.209763 F776l  
Fortier, Alcée, 1856-1914.
Louisiana folktales : lupin, bouki, and other creole stories in French dialect and English translation
Lafayette, LA : University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, 2011.

553.87909479 B6198n 
Bliujienė, Audronė, 1954-
Northern gold : amber in Lithuania (c. 100 to c. 1200)
Leiden ; Boston : Brill, c2011.

573.3 R227m2011 
Reader, John.
Missing links : in search of human origins
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2011.

618.20092 R635d 
Rogoff, Barbara.
Developing destinies : a Mayan midwife and town
New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.

Q. 709.8 An221 
Ancient American art, 3500 BC-AD 1532 : masterworks of the pre-Columbian era
Milan, Italy : 5 Continents Editions, c2011.

Q. 746.0463 B884n
Bunn, Stephanie.
Nomadic felts
London : British Museum Press, 2010.

808.066301 Ed974w 
Edwards, Mark Evan.
Writing in sociology
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, c2012.

Q. 913 B231 v.2294  
Reunión Internacional de Teoría Arqueológica en Suramérica (4th : 2007 : Catamarca, Argentina) Cerámica arqueológica en la materialización de la sociedad : transformaciones, metáforas y reproducción social : IV Reunión Internacional
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2011.

Q. 913 B231 v.2295 
Morales, Marcelo R. (Marcelo Raúl), 1975-
Arqueología ambiental del Holoceno Temprano y Medio en la Puna Seca argentina : modelos paleoambientales multi-escalas y sus implicancias para la arqueología de cazadores-recolectores
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2011.

Q. 913 B231 v.2296
Arqueología de la Puna Argentina : perspectivas actuales en el estudio de la diversidad y el cambio cultural
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2011.

Q. 913 B231 v.2297 
Archaeology and biogeography of prehistoric freshwater mussel shell in
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2011.

Q. 913 B231 v.2300
McClure, Sarah B., 1974-
Learning technology : cultural inheritance and Neolithic pottery production in the Alcoi Basin, Alicante, Spain
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2011.

930.1 Id29  
Ideologies in archaeology
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2011.

930.1 Ol48s:E 
Olivier, Laurent, 1958-
Dark abyss of time : archaeology and memory
Lanham, Md. : AltaMira Press, c2011.

930.1 R915s
Russell, Nerissa, 1957-
Social zooarchaeology : humans and animals in prehistory
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

930.1 T139
Taking archaeology out of heritage
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholar Pub., 2009.

973.0497 N2139 
Native American adoption, captivity, and slavery in changing contexts
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

976.4004979 D659 
Documentation of associated and unassociated Caddo funerary objects : in the Stephen F. Austin State University Collections, Nacogdoches, Texas
Nacogdoches, Tex. : Stephen F. Austin University Press ; Binger, Okla. : Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, Historic Preservation Program, c2010.

Q. 976.4287 W315c 
Waters, Michael R.
Clovis lithic technology : investigation of a stratified workshop at the Gault Site, Texas
College Station : Texas A&M University Press, 2011.

Q. 979 M651  
Mimbres lives and landscapes
Santa Fe, N.M. : School for Advanced Research Press, 2010.

979.100497 W577
Whiptail Ruin (Az Bb:10:3 [Asm]) : a Classic period community in the northeastern Tucson Basin
Tucson, Ariz. : Arizona State Museum, c2011.

Asian American Studies

200.8995073 K1566h 
Kato, Julius-Kei.
How immigrant Christians living in mixed cultures interpret their religion : Asian-American diasporic hybridity and its implications for hermeneutics
Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, c2012. 


027.7 C936 
Curriculum materials collections and centers : legacies from the past, visions of the future
Chicago : Association of College and Research Libraries : a division of the American Library Association, 2012.

121 Ol7s 
Olorunda, Tolu.
Substance of truth
Rotterdam : Sense Publishers, c2011.

370 Ed8362 
Education today 2010 : the OECD perspective.
Paris : OECD, 2010.

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Andreotti, Vanessa.
Actionable postcolonial theory in education
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

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Educational theory
Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, c2011.

370.1 J137w  
Jackson, Philip W. (Philip Wesley), 1928-
What is education?
Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, c2012.

370.1 So139k 
Sockett, Hugh.
Knowledge and virtue in teaching and learning : the primacy of dispositions
New York : Routledge, 2012.

370.115 P342
Pedagogy, oppression and transformation in a 'post-critical' climate : the return to Freirean thinking
London ; New York : Continuum, 2011.

370.115 Sm97c 
Smyth, John, 1944-
Critical pedagogy for social justice
New York, NY : Continuum, 2011.

370.117 D446w2011
Derman-Sparks, Louise.
What if all the kids are white? : anti-bias multiculture education with young children and families
New York : Teachers College Press, c2011.

370.152 D4605
Design research on learning and thinking in educational settings : enhancing intellectual growth and functioning
New York : Routledge, 2012.

370.152 K832e
Kolencik, Patricia Liotta.
Encouraging metacognition : supporting learners through metacognitive teaching strategies
New York : P. Lang, c2011.

370.152 R765
Routledge international handbook of creative learning
Abingdon, Oxon ; N.Y. : Routledge, c2011.

370.152 Sa746l
Sarno, Una, 1938-
Learn to think and write : a paradigm for teaching grades 4-8, advanced levels
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

370.1523 G49i
Glick, Margaret.
Instructional leader and the brain : using neuroscience to inform practice
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2011.

370.71 M199i
McKeown, Rosalyn.
Into the classroom : a practical guide for starting student teaching
Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, 2011.

370.72 M9193
Multidisciplinary approaches to educational research : case studies from Europe and the developing world
New York : Routledge, 2012.

370.72082 K824f
Kohli, Wendy.
Feminisms and educational research
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.

370.8 In887
Intersectionality and ''race'' in education
New York : Routledge, 2012.

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Galway, Gerald James, 1957-
Education reform : from rhetoric to reality
London, Ont. : Althouse Press, 2012.

371.010973 B812w
Brown, Dave F.
Why America's public schools are the best place for kids : reality vs. negative perceptions
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

371.010973 G337a
Gevirtzman, Bruce J.
Audacious cures for America's ailing schools
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

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Frumkin, Peter.
Strategic management of charter schools : frameworks and tools for educational entrepreneurs
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard Education Press, c2011.

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Boyle, Jerry, 1936-
It's all about people skills : surviving challenges in the classroom
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

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Peters, Jean Koh, 1958-
Teacher's reflection book : exercises, stories, invitations
Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2011.

371.102 T546p
Tkatchov, Oran.
Practical guide to teaching and learning
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

Q. 371.102 Z119m2012 
Zachary, Lois J.
Mentor's guide : facilitating effective learning relationships
San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.

371.1024 Ap584
Applications of Rasch measurement in learning environments research
Rotterdam : Sense Publishers, 2011.

371.195 Al265i
Alexander, Dameon.
Imprint of business norms on American education
Amherst, N.Y. : Cambria Press, c2011.

371.2 M951e
Murphy, Joseph, 1949-
Essential lessons for school leaders
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2011.

371.2 P175g
Palestini, Robert H.
Going back to the future : a leadership journey for educators
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2011.

371.2 P175l
Palestini, Robert H.
Leadership with a conscience : educational leadership as a moral science
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Pub. Group, c2012.

371.2 R567s
Robinson, V. M. (Viviane M.)
Student-centered leadership
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2011.

371.20023 D247m2011
Daresh, John C.
Marketing your educational leadership skills : how to land the job you want
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2011.

371.200973 P943                    v.26
Progress in education.
Huntington, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, c2000-

371.2011 Ev276m
Evert, Thomas F., 1947-
Making external experts work : solutions for district leaders
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

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Bulach, Cletus R.
Creating a culture for high-performing schools : a comprehensive approach to school reform, dropout prevention, and bullying behavior
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2011.

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Surpassing Shanghai : an agenda for American education built on the world's leading systems
Cambridge, MA : Harvard Education Press, c2011.

371.3 R746m
Rothstein, Dan.
Make just one change : teach students to ask their own questions
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard Education Press, c2011.

371.33 N554t
Nielsen, Lisa.
Teaching generation text : using cell phones to enhance learning
San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, 2011.

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Reeves, Anne R.
Where great teaching begins : planning for student thinking and learning   
Alexandria, Va. : ASCD, c2011.

371.33 Sp68
Spotlight on technology in education
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard Education Press, c2011

371.33 T371c
Thompson, Robin, 1960-
Constructing an online professional learning network for school unity and student achievement
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin ; [Oxford, Ohio] : Learning Forward, c2011.

371.33 W479l
Warschauer, Mark.
Learning in the cloud : how (and why) to transform schools with digital media
New York : Teachers College Press, c2011.

371.3344678 D5695
Digital difference : perspectives on online learning
Rotterdam : Sense, c2011.

371.33468 T687
Transforming virtual world learning
Bingley, United Kingdom : Emerald Group, 2011.

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McGettigan, Timothy.
Rough seas : ethnography and academic freedom on the scholar ship
Lanham : University Press of America, c2011.

371.394 G499d
Glines, Don E.
Declaring war against schooling : personalizing learning now
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2012.

371.782 H19152012
Handbook of school violence and school safety : international research and practice
New York : Routledge, 2012.

371.826942 M954h
Murphy, Joseph, 1949-
Homelessness comes to school
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2011.

371.82996073 R972r
Ryden, Wendy.
Reading, writing, and the rhetorics of whiteness
New York : Routledge, 2012.

371.82997107 C753
Condition of education for American Indian and Alaska native students
Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, c2010.

371.90460945 D156i
D'Alessio, Simona.
Inclusive education in Italy : a critical analysis of the policy of integrazione scolastica
Rotterdam ; Boston : Sense Publishers, 2011.

371.94 F851s
Frankel, Fred, 1946-
Social skills success for students with autism/Asperger's : helping
adolescents on the spectrum to fit in
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2011.

371.94 Sm511m
Smith, Tristram.
Making inclusion work for students with Autism spectrum disorders : an evidence-based guide
New York : Guilford Press, c2012.

371.94044 H141s          txt, CDROM
Hall, Elaine, 1956-
Seven keys to unlock autism : making miracles in the classroom
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2012.

372.21 R182e
Rao, Nirmala.
Early childhood care and education in the Asia Pacific region : moving towards Goal 1
Hong Kong : Comparative Education Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, 2010.

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Jones, Elizabeth, 1930-
Play's the thing : teachers' roles in children's play
New York : Teachers College Press, c2011.

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Gunning, Thomas G.
Reading success for all students : using formative assessment to guide instruction and intervention
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2012.

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Reading in Asian languages : making sense of written texts in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
New York : Routledge, 2012.

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Lesaux, Nonie K.
Making assessment matter : using test results to differentiate reading instruction
New York : Guilford Press, c2012.

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Ehrenworth, Mary.
Quick guide to teaching reading through fantasy novels, 5-8
Portsmouth, NH : Firsthand, c2011.

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Newkirk, Thomas.
Art of slow reading : six time-honored practices for engagement
Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2012.

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Long, Susi, 1952-
Supporting students in a time of core standards : English language arts, grades prek-2
Urbana, IL : National Council of Teachers of English, c2011.

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Williams, Jeff.
Supporting students in a time of core standards : English language arts, grades 3-5
Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of English, c2011.

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Graphic novel classroom : powerful teaching and learning with images
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2012.

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Playing their way into literacies : reading, writing, and belonging in the early childhood classroom
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International development in practice : education assistance in Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
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Teaching teenagers : a toolbox for engaging and motivating learners
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Surviving the move and learning to thrive : tools for success in secondary schools, grades 6-12
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Invention of the secondary curriculum
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Educating from Marx : race, gender, and learning
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Leading curriculum improvement : fundamentals for school principals
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Women of color in higher education : changing directions and new perspectives
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University and the people : envisioning American higher education in an era of populist protest
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Jesuit and feminist education : intersections in teaching and learning for the twenty-first century
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Paul, Ross H., 1943-
Leadership under fire : the challenging role of the Canadian university president
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Increasing effectiveness of the community college financial model : a global perspective for the global economy
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In thought and action : the enigmatic life of S.I. Hayakawa
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Mobile academy : mLearning for higher education
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Washington, D.C. : World Bank ; London : Eurospan [distributor], c2012.

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Saving higher education : the integrated, competency-based three-year bachelor's degree program
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What is college for? : the public purpose of higher education
New York : Teachers College Press, c2012.

379 P7582
Policy debates in comparative, international, and development education      
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Incentives and test-based accountability in education
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Literacy promises
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Social class on campus : theories and manifestations
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Urbana, Ill. : Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society, c2010.

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Supporting students in a time of core standards : English language arts, grades 6-8
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RTI strategies for secondary teachers
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Models-based science teaching
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