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Meeting Minutes



November 6, 2013


428 Main Library


Present: Nancy O’Brien (Chair), Mary Beth Allen, Beth Sheehan, Peg Burnette, Dan Tracy, Laura Barnes, Sandy Wolf, Kelly McCusker, Susan Avery, Yoo-Seong Song (minute taker)


1. Approval of October 1 minutes

Approved as submitted.



2. Announcements and Discussion Items

A. Discussion and Feedback on Sage E-books

The division needed more specific instruction from either Tom Teper or Wendy Shelburne as to what the division should discuss with regards to the list of Sage e-books submitted by Teper.  The division will discuss this once more background information becomes available.


B. Discussion of Library Wide Priority Setting

In preparation for the library retreat in January and Dean Wilkin’s visit to the division meeting, some priority items were shared:



3. Reports

A. Collection Development Committee (Burnette, Ingold)

- A small working group is charged to review CDC’s policy.  Representatives from the Preservation visited CDC and discussed issues regarding various media such as born-digital resources and prints.  We should be at 40% of the annual collection spending by now.


B. User Services Advisory Group (McCusker, Romero)

- Currently working on creating a service outline.


C. User Education Committee (Avery, Ingold, Sheehan)

- Continued discussion on the use of ACES 509; this space would most likely stay with the current configuration with a new instructor’s tech station.  Some members attended the Data Literacy Symposium.  Ideas for the use of Library 106 are invited.


D. LSSC Representative (Wolf)   

- No report


E. Faculty Review Committee (Romero)

- Voted on the Assistant to Associate Professorship promotion and tenure cases.

- Yoo-Seong will start serving as the representative from the SSD.


F. Diversity Committee (Ingold)

- Discussed what the committee could do better/differently for the Inclusive Illinois Day.


G. Library Assessment Committee (Avery, McCusker)

- Encouraged applying for assessment funding

- Jen-Chien Yu, assessment coordinator, will continue having office hours

- Planning for the next LibQual for undergraduate students is underway


H. Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill)

- No report.

  1. SSD rep to Life Science Division (Burnette)

– No report.


J. Staff Development & Training Committee (Ingold, McCusker)

- No report.


K. Research & Publications Committee (Tracy)

- Currently surveying current research activities by academic professionals

- Plans to revise the RPC web site.


L. Data Services Committee (Sheehan, Hogenboom)

- Currently looking at one application for the Data Purchase Program

- Also looking at revising the charge not to overlap with too much with that of the e-Research committee.


M. Marketing and Strategic Communications (Tracy)

- The deadline for the marketing grant is early December.


N. E-Research Committee (Burnette, Hogenboom)

- Discussed how to capture data better from library tools, especially from DeskTracker.  Extracting more meaningful data from such tools is needed.

The job description for the Director of Research Data Services position has gone out.


O. Primo Implementation Group (Avery)

- The University Library’s contract will end soon; it will extend at least for another year

- A group will be assembled to seek input regarding Primo’s functionality and other related issues.


4. Round Robin



Adjourned at 10:55 am.