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Social Science Division Meeting


September 5, 2012


Present:  Lisa Romero (Chair), Nancy O’Brien, Cindy Ingold, Mary Beth Allen, Sandy Wolf, Laura Barnes, Susan Avery, Yoo-Seong Song (minute-taker)


1. Approval of June 6 minutes:  Accepted with suggested amendments (there was no report from the Faculty Review Committee on June 6).


2. Announcements and Discussion Items: 


A)   G Drive Access


Lisa opened a discussion whether the G drive should be open to the staff.  The discussion resulted in the following action items:



B)   Contingency Plan in the case of AFSCME Strike


In the case of the AFSCME strike in October, some contingency plans were suggested to be implemented:




C)   One-Time SSD Money for Collection


Cindy reported that a total of $200,000 was available as non-recurring collection money for collection.  The list of purchase preference needs to be submitted to Tom Teper by October 1.  The division had put the list together previously, and the list would be re-distributed to the members for review.



D)   Input on Annual Retreat Dates


With regards to possible dates for the Annual Retreat, there were some suggestions made:



Questions asking for the rationale and practicality of having such a retreat were raised:


E)   Feedback on Unit Head Training Document


The document is targeted mainly for new unit heads to have consistent information and expectations of their responsibilities.  It was agreed that division members would review the document individually and submit any comments or questions to the coordinator.

3. Reports.

a. Collection Development Committee. 

b. User Education Committee:  No report. 

c. Services Advisory Committee.  No report.

d. LSSC.  No report.

e. Faculty Review Committee. 

f. Diversity Committee. No report.

g. Library Assessment Working Group. 

5. Round Robin.

Nancy O’Brien reported that shelving at SSHEL South begun.  It will take two weeks to complete shelving, and once enough shelving is done, CMS will start transferring books from AHS and ESSL into the space.

Cindy reported that she was busy with arranging library multilingual tours.  She will participate in the Joint Conference on Librarians of Color in October.

Susan reported that she had moved to the new office space at UGL, and there is now a new Media Commons Coordinator (Eric Kurt).

Sandy reported that the LEEP Boot Camp in summer went well.

Laura reported that she has one chapter and a journal article to be published.  She also reported that the Prairie Research Institute Library is recruiting a staff member on a permanent basis.

Mary Beth reported that she is busy with adjusting to SSHEL and VR Desk and also with moving materials from AHS to SSHEL.

Lisa reported that the Communications Library now has a new staff member responsible for reserves and supervising student workers.  In late October, the College of Media will go through the accreditation process.  The HVAC construction has now been completed.

Yoo-Seong Song reported that he is learning new resources and services at SSHEL and also adjusting his new roles after returning from his sabbatical leave.


The meeting adjourned at 11:12 am.

Submitted by Yoo-Seong Song