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December 7, 2011, 10:00-11:30 am, 428 Main Library


Attendees: Lisa Romero (chair), Kelly McCusker, Beth Sheehan (minute taker), Mary Beth Allen, Carissa Phillips, Laura Barnes, Sandy Wolf, Nancy O’Brien, Becky Smith, Susan Avery




1. Approval of October 5 minutes (see G:/Social Sciences Division/DRAFT Minutes).


Approval of October 5th minutes was deferred until the Jan meeting.


2. Announcements and Discussion Items:

Discussion by members:

-clarification of “significance” of service to grad students is needed

-suggested that acknowledgement or consideration of international grad student instructional program(s) should be added.

-clarification of question related to opportunities for new services is needed.

-clarification of the intended purpose/goal of survey and usage of results would be helpful to respondents.

-Survey should explore whether our services reflecting the changing demographic of grad student population

-Division members should e-mail further comments or questions to Smith.


3. Reports


A. Collection Development Committee (Smith)

Minutes of CDC were previously sent to division. There have been a lot of purchases made with $750,000 one-time money. For example, Proquest databases, Alexander St. Press video. Nancy noted that so far the new Alexander St. Press subscription has contained 2 videos that were requested by faculty, saving money on DVD purchases. JSTOR backfiles are being purchased (modules 9 & 10), which will have biggest impact for our division (business, social science, education, public policy)

LAWG contributed $100,000 toward Proquest purchase, expanding periodicals access, including Vogue. We are also getting more digitized dissertations.


B.  Services Advisory Group (Avery, Smith)

See Smith’s announcement item and discussion. No additional report.


C. User Education Committee (Avery, Ingold, Phillips, Searing, Sheehan)

            The User Ed committee met November 14, and will meet again on Monday Dec 12. Lisa has gotten funding for graduate hourly workers to develop LibGuides, to be expended by the end of April. Megan Oakleaf will visit in the spring to conduct assessment workshop for library and campus lecture. Staff Development and Training Committee recommended a request for funding for Elluminate use by library for internal training and external instruction/collaboration, and User Ed seconded that recommendation.


D. LSSC Representative (Wolf)   

LSSC received funding to send staff members to Anaheim ALA conference in 2012.


E. Faculty Review Committee (Romero)

FRC has met once to discuss tenure status of a new appointment.


F. Diversity Committee (Sheehan)

The Diversity Committee met on Nov 8, and discussed ideas for our spring exhibit in the Marshall Gallery, which is slated for installation simultaneously with IAS exhibit in the hallway cases. This year’s focus is on diversity initiatives during the hiring process, and exhibit may include books from the library’s collection about diversifying the workforce.


G. Data Services Committee (Phillips)

Carissa is the acting chair during Karen Hogenboom’s sabbatical. The November meeting was held asynchronously. GA request for grad hourly funding to continue data services. Karen sent update on data purchase program (6 proposals received). Karen is still handling collection development and data purchase while on sabbatical. The Data Services Committee will meet again in January. In the spring they will set up brown bags for past awardees of the data purchase program to talk about what they were able to do with the award and data.




H. Library Assessment Working Group (Phillips)

LAWG has been involved in interviews for the assessment coordinator position. They have been talking about LibQual, and the importance of implementing the new gateway with enough lead time before LibQual assessment. Last time the gateway changed just before the LibQual assessment, and the adjustment period affected responses.

LAWG is looking at the NSM assessment measures appearing in NSM reports, setting up meetings with people in these units to look at their use of assessments, to help establish guidelines.

LAWG is meeting with Beth Sandore to talk about the LOGIXML data system, find out why it was not selected and about options for acquiring a data system.


I. SSD rep to CPS (Smith)

No report.


J. Research and Publication Committee (Phillips)

RPC is 38% spent out, and on target. Tina Chrzastowski is chair, and they are now meeting regularly.

At the last meeting, Beth Woodard talked about support for untenured librarians and funding to purchase materials to support untenured research.

Tina’s GA has looked at past awards from RPC to look at outcomes, which have not resulted in as much final product as anticipated. The GA will be following up with awardees to find out more information if an award did not result in publication/research product.


K. IT Prioritization and Review Working Group (Phillips)

This group has been suspended pending a proposed change to advisory group status, waiting for approval from Beth Sandore.


L. Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill)

Representative not present.


4. Round Robin