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Social Sciences Division Meeting Minutes for August 3rd, 2011

Social Science Division Meeting


  August 3rd, 2011


Attendees: Laura Barnes, Cindy Ingold, Amy Killoran, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips (minute-taker), Beth Sheehan, Becky Smith




1. The July 6 minutes were approved as amended.


2. Announcements and Discussion Items:

o   Yoo-Seong’s sabbatical runs Dec 16, 2011 to Aug 15, 2012.

o   Cindy Ingold’s sabbatical runs Aug 16, 2011 to May 15, 2012.

o   Sue Searing’s sabbatical runs from Sep-Dec, 2011.

o   Mary Beth Allen and Jenny Johnson will be invited to become affiliates of SSD during this transitional year while the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library is formed.

o   A suggestion was made to investigate the possibility of inviting an affiliate from ACES.

o   The existing SSD website was viewed and proposals were made for name and title changes, additions, and deletions.

o   We now have ValueLine online, with pdfs going back to 1997 and unlimited users.  More databases are to come; additional orders are pending in Acquisitions.

o   The first meeting will be on Aug 17.  Some of the questions to be addressed include how Economics should be covered, and what to do with the physical collections.

o   Recap of the faculty meeting discussion on July 20, noting some of the pros and cons of the current structure which had been mentioned at the meeting.

o   Reporting on the meeting which Tom Teper hosted last week (July 29).

o   For the Division, PolicyFile was noted as potentially interesting for anyone doing social policy research.  History Makers would be useful for diversity studies.  The Vogue Archives were also of interest.

o   Follow-up on the online discussions started by Susan Avery this past week. The group advocated for the Advanced Search page to be the default page in the ProQuest interface, since students seem to prefer that.


3. Reports

A. Collection Development Committee (Smith)

B.  Services Advisory Group (Avery, Smith)

C. User Education Committee (Avery, Ingold, Phillips, Searing)

D. LSSC Representative (Wolf)

E. Faculty Review Committee (Romero)

o   Guidelines based on Communications 3 and 9 for determining to what rank a new hire can be appointed.

o   Guidelines for evaluating tenure track faculty, involving PTAC, FRC, EC, and the Divisions, not just the PRCs. Each tenure track faculty member would be assigned a mentoring committee.

o   Guidelines for people seeking promotion to full professor.  This will introduce more mentoring, feedback, standardization and consistency into the process.  There will likely be a three-year timeline from when a person expresses the intent to go for full professor rank.

F. Diversity Committee (Ingold)

G. Data Services Committee (Phillips)

H. Library Assessment Working Group (Phillips)

I. SSD rep to CPS (Smith)

J. Research and Publication Committee (Phillips)

K. IT Prioritization and Review Working Group (Phillips)

L. Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill)


4. Round Robin