Zdenka and Stanley B. Winters Czech and Slovak Poster Collection, 1920-1991

Copyright Issues

Copyright and the Winters Collection
After investigating relevant international copyright agreements, we developed a copyright permission request letter (in collaboration with UIUC's Digital Content Creation Team). In the summer of 2005 we began sending out letters to all identifiable rights holders. We have consulted, and continue to consult, a variety of sources to locate the propoer rights holders, including the International Dictionary of Arts and Museums of the World. We also plan to review the Lexicon of Czech Artists. As is often the case with posters, many in the Winters Collection are potentially subject to copyright claims from multiple holders. For example, rights to a poster advertising an exhibition at a museum could be claimed by both the museum and the graphic designer who created the work. Where we have been able to contact rights holders, we have requested permission to use their work(s) by being as descriptive as possible about the project and our intended use of the image.

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