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General Resources

Personal Name Index to "The New York Times Index" 1851-1974, 1975-1996 (Supplement).

Falk, Byron A. ; Falk, Valerie R. Succasunna, NJ: Roxbury Data Interface, 1976-1985, 1979- .
UIUC Call Number:  Main Reference 3rd S.W. Table 016.92 F18p, shelved above the NYT Index

This sources has extracted citations from the New York Times Index for all personal names. The citations provide the year of the NYT index to search and page numbers on which there are citations to articles by and about individuals. Citations for obituaries usually appear after the little "d" plus the year. This index is useful for major figures in the Slavic world who would have attracted the attention of the American readership or prominent emigres living in the US. See below for the entries from the volumes for 1851-1974 and 1975-1996 for Ramon Mercader, Trotsky's assassin. In the earlier volumes the citation gives his alias, Jacques Mornard, in parantheses so that you can find the articles written before Mercader's real name was ascertained.

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Russian Obituary Resources

Nezabytye mogily. Rossiiskoe zarubezh'e: nekrologi 1917-1997 v shesti tomakh.

V.N. Chuvakov. Moskva: RGB, 1999- .
UIUC Call Number:  Russian Reference Q.920.047 N499 v.1, v.2, v.3

A wonderful new source for information about Russian emigres, this set provides brief biographical data, locations of graves, and citations for obituaries and death announcements published in the Russian emigre press from 1917-1997. Although only the first three volumes have been published to date and thus the data is only for people whose surnames begin with A through K (Russian alphabetical order), it eventually will provide data for over 50,000 people. See the entry for Dmitrii Adeknov.

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Martirolog russkoi voenno-morskoi emigratsii po izdaniiam 1920-2000 gg.

Lobytsyn, V.V. ed. Moskva: Feodosiia, 2001. 191 p.
UIUC Call Number: Russian Reference 304.80947 M366

Using published sources and archival materials, this recent contribution to emigre studies covers 1890 Russian naval servicemen who died abroad. Entries are arranged alphabetically by surnames and provide full names, dates of birth and death, rank, place of death, and citations for the obituary. There are several appendices for unusual classes of servicemen such as a list of those who died on the cruiser "Leitenant Dydymov." A list of sources and a dictionary defining a number of terms and organizations round out the book. See the entry for Fedor Georgievich Skrydlov who died in Detroit, Michigan.

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Czech/Slovak Obituary Resources

Kdy zemreli...?

Kunc, Jaroslav. Praha: Statni knihovna, 1957-94.

  • UIUC Call Number: Czech Reference 928.9186 K96K 1994 v.1-2 died 1986-90
  • UIUC Call Number: Czech Reference 928.9186 K96K 1992 died 1980-85
  • UIUC Call Number: Czech Reference 920.00929186 K962K 1991 died 1975-79
  • UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 928.9186 K96K 1974 died 1971-74
  • UIUC Call Number: Czech Reference 928.9186 K96K 1970 died 1967-70, 1935-36
  • UIUC Call Number: Czech Reference 928.9186 K96K 1962 died 1937-62
  • UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 015.437 B4714 1966 Special issue 6 died 1963-66 + additions to 1937-62
  • UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 015.437 B4714 1962 Special issue 7 died 1937-62
  • UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 015.437 B4714 1957 Special issue 1 died 1938-56


This title was released as one of the special issue sections of the Czech national bibliography from 1957-1990 and is now published separately. It is a listing of brief obituaries of Czech writers, scholars and journalists. The entries include birth and death dates, the profession of the deceased, and a citation for the obituary. Later volumes have more detailed information. All entries are arranged alphabetically by surname. This section of the national bibliography is not continued on the CD-ROM version, but the name authority section on the CD-ROM might be of help. See the entry below for the journalist Antonin Danek.

a sample entry for Kdy zemreli...?


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