LIS 530C: Fall 2006

Russian, East European & Eurasian

Bibliography & Research Methods:

Session 11:

Digital Applications: Literature

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Required Reading

Author Date Title
Remnek, Miranda 2005 "Adding Value to Slavic Electronic Texts: Approaches for Scholars and Librarians." Slavic & East European Information Resources 6. nos.2/3 (2005): 151-167 (available online)


Additional Readings

Author Date Title
Jessop, Martyn 2004a

"Computing or Humanities? The Growth and Development of Humanities Computing" Ubiquity, 5, 41 (Dec. 23-31, 2004).(available online)

Spencer, Andy 2005

"Digital Encoding: What’s behind these E-text Resources?" [Presentation at AAASS Pre-conference Digital Resources Workshop, Salt Lake City, Nov. 2005) (available online)

Unsworth, John 2000 "Scholarly Primitives: what Methods do Humanities Researchers Have in Common, and How Might Our Tools Reflect This?" Part of a symposium on "Humanities Computing: formal methods, experimental practice" sponsored by King's College, London, May 13, 2000.
(available online)

Other Assignments



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