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On “one day in the life” of the University Library, our users:

  • Asked 224 reference questions (of which 72 were asked by digital means, including Ask-a-Librarian)
  • Accessed instructional materials 1,400 times through our LibGuides service
  • Conducted 33,154 searches in our catalog
  • Borrowed 2,321 items from our print collections
  • Borrowed 261 items from the collections of other Illinois libraries through the “I-Share” system
  • Borrowed 282 items from our print reserves collection, and downloaded 1,984 items from our electronic reserves
  • Borrowed “Loanable Technology” from the Undergraduate Library 279 times
  • Accessed 3,987 electronic resources through our search and discovery systems
  • Downloaded more than 50,000 articles from electronic journals, and accessed more than 750 electronic books
  • Downloaded more than 4,000 items from the Illinois collection of freely-available digital materials provided through the Internet Archive
  • Downloaded 2,223 items from IDEALS, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign institutional repository
  • Printed 12,670 pages on public printers

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