What Happened to the Library Home Page?

The Library Home Page was re-designed to make it easier to find information.

Since the last major redesign of the Library Home Page in 2008, we’ve paid very close attention to the feedback and comments you’ve given us. Multiple studies undertaken by library faculty and staff revealed that we could do a better job getting you from our Library Home Page to the information you need. Drawing on those studies, as well as data from web logs, dozens of rounds of interviews, and usability tests, we worked through an iterative redesign process that resulted in the new Library Home Page.

This is the first of several exciting and (we hope) useful new sites and services we are beginning to offer this fall. Keep an eye on the News and Events Tab on the new homepage for announcements regarding these innovations, or subscribe to the Library News & Events feed.

We’ll also roll out the new look and feel of the Library Home Page to the rest of the library web site during the next month.   However, the rich information content of our website won’t change.