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The Library has E-Books?

Yes! In fact, the University Library maintains a comprehensive collection of e-books that are available to University of Illinois faculty, staff and students. Most e-books are included within the library catalog. You can also find new e-books not yet added to the catalog using Easy Search.

Finding E-Books in Easy Search

Easy Search provides the most current listing of e-books held by the Library. Easy Search includes the library catalog, as well as direct searching of the content of e-books from our most popular e-book providers.

Finding E-Books in the Library Catalog

When searching the library catalog, an entry with electronic content (such as full online text, a table of contents, or further information) will be denoted by a red, lower-cased "e".

Red lower-cased e, denoting an electronic resource

Figure 1: Electronic resource symbol

*Note that not ALL e-books are in the library catalog, as it takes time to get the records updated properly. Please understand that we are working hard to get everything loaded into the catalog soon!

Search for E-Books with Easy Search

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