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The Scholarly Commons is equipped to help with basic digitization needs. Our department has three high-end scanners:

Plustek scanner
  • Epson GT-20000 scanner: Scans via 11.7" x 17" flatbed or with the 100-page, automatic document feeder at 600 ppi.
  • Plustek Opticbook scanner: A "book friendly" scanner that scans documents up to 12" x 17" at a resolution of 1,200 ppi.
  • Book2Net Spirit Scanner: An overhead scanner that scans books up to 21.25" x 22.64" x 47.25" at 600 dpi.
  • Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED: Scans 35mm/APS(IX240) film.

We can guide you through scanning your materials using any of these devices to create PDFs or image files. If you need searchable or editable PDFs, we can show you how to use ABBYY Fine Reader OCR (optical character recognition) software to analyze and edit text before creating a new version of the PDF.

The Main Library also has scanners available on the 2nd floor.

If your project is larger in scope, we will suggest a consultation with the Library's Digital Content Creation department. The DCC can advise on possible in-house or third-party solutions, depending on the content type, amount and timeline. The DCC can also bring in other experts, such as metadata specialists, if your aim is to create a digital collection.

Resources in the Scholarly Commons

Expert: Betsy Kruger

Software: ABBYY Fine Reader, Acrobat Pro, Photoshop

Hardware: Epson GT-20000 scanner, Plustek Opticbook scannerBook2Net Spirit Scanner

Bookmarks: Digitization resources on our delicious.com bookmarks