Funder Requirements Related to Data Management and Sharing

Many federal agencies and other funding agencies have requirements related to the management and/or sharing of digital research data - whether as a section within a proposal or as a separate data management plan. The funder requirements will affect your decisions in all areas outlined in this resource.

Remember that developing and implementing a data management plan is important whether or not your funder requires it!

A current list of funders that require data management plans is available at: You should pay careful attention to the funder requirements, particularly if there are more explicit requirements within a specific call for proposals or a directorate (as in the National Science Foundation (NSF)).

We recommend using the DMPTool to develop your data management plan. This online tool will walk you through the process of creating a data management plan by guiding you through a series of questions.

The University Library also maintains a handful of templates for specific funding agencies including:

If you have any questions about creating a data management plan or would like to consult with someone in the Scholarly Commons about this process, please contact