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The Scholarly Commons offers workshops and consultation services on issues related to copyright. While we cannot offer legal advice, we can help you to identify information and issues you may want to consider whatever your copyright question.

This section serves as an information resource on copyright intended for the instructors, researchers, and librarians of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and provides several tools, links, and educational materials pertaining to copyright law. Instructors, researchers, and students frequently have questions about:

  • Whether material they wish to use is under copyright or is in the public domain;
  • Using copyrighted works in teaching, research, and scholarship, including what constitutes fair use;
  • Creating and licensing their own copyrighted works (See the Your Rights on the Scholarly Communication page); and
  • Use of licenses like the Creative Commons license whether in their own work or when using someone else's work.

Copyright is a complex and far-reaching area. The Scholarly Commons has brought these resources together in the hopes that they will:

  • Increase confidence in appropriate use of copyrighted materials;
  • Inform users of copyright resources available to them; and
  • Empower users with knowledge about their own copyrights.

Many of these pages were created by the Copyright Education & Consultation Program with generous funding from the Illinois State Library.

Resources in the Scholarly Commons

Experts: Sarah Shreeves, Mark Wardecker

Bookmarks: Copyright and fair use resources on our delicious.com bookmarks