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Ariel Waldman at Illinois: Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy


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March 1, 2016

4:00 pm

Reception Following

Alice Campell Alumni Center Ballroom

601 S. Lincoln Ave. Urbana IL

Watch this page for more information coming soon!  Meanwhile, visit Ariel Waldman's website: http://www.arielwaldman.com

Ariel Waldman's visit brought to you by a generous gift to the Unversity Library's Scholarly Commons from the  Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

The University of Illinois GeoChallenge 2010 Welcome to the GeoChallenge 2010, part of the Geographic Information Sciences Fair 2010. These puzzles and clues will lead you to 8 locations on campus. Most are locations where geographic information science is used or studied. Teams that finish the course correctly will be entered in a drawing for fabulous prizes! (New iPod touch 4g, $100 Illini Union Bookstore gift certificate, and four $50 gift certificates for the runners up.) Look at http://www.geocaching.com (free registration required) to see some examples of how it works. There are other geocaches on campus to try out as well! Getting Started: 1. Partner with a fellow University of Illinois student if you wish. Come up with a team name and a slogan or creed. 2. Look at the Scroll on this page for the first clue. Each clue will lead you to the next stop, where solving a puzzle will give you directions to the following stop. 3. If no one in your group has a GPS enabled phone or other GPS device, you can check one out from us. These need to be returned in 24 hours and cannot be renewed online, but you can renew the unit for an additional 24 hours in person if no one else is waiting for it. 4. Some of the stops along the course are open only during Monday through Friday, so plan accordingly. 5. That's it! The course can be completed over several days but must be completed in sequence. Make sure to return your collected data. Your data must be correct for your group to be in the drawing for fabulous prizes! 5. To find out if your group won a prize, come to GIS Day on November 19 (Illini Union Rooms A-C). At least one person from your group must be present for the drawing. Visit http://webstore.illinois.edu/gisfair/ for information. Starting Clue: The Starting Clue Oh wayfaring knights and damsels, a trial of your sole awaits. ~ In traveling boots, with your favorite quill and campus citizenship card, Start past the noon hour, on week days of work, together with your chosen mate. ~ Gather your party by the nourishing mother's open arms. March south dodging buses till the road bends, at a building with a single word name. Look up to the lintel and you will see the bountiful grain of the farms. Look right to the page, then once more up and right too. That's where you soon will be. ~ To proceed, enter the building and spy the directory on the wall within. There is an entity recorded that ends in “pt” Go find that thing, then the nearest fountain. Take a drink and behind you is the place to be. ~ Enter that abode and declare your need : a task worthy of your creed.