Office of Web Technologies & Content Coordination

Divisional Web Content Development Liaisons

Divisional Web Content Development Liaisons work closely with the units in their division to assist with the conversion of library web sites into the new CMS architecture. Liaisons are available to provide point-of-need training and assistance. If you are having a problem getting a particular feature of the CMS to work, the liaisons have generously offered their time and assistance to help you. However, if you need general introductory (or even advanced) training on using the CMS, please contact either Robert Slater or Camilla Fulton in the Office of Web Technologies and Content Coordination.

Divisional Web Content Development Liaisons and projected CMS conversion Dates, by Division
Division Name & Contact Information Estimated Conversion Date
PSED Lura Joseph TBD
Area Studies
Tom Weissinger
Caroline Szylowicz & Nathan W. Yarasavage Fall 2008
SPEC Dennis Sears & Chris Prom
Allison Sutton & Sandy Wolf
Spring 2008
TSD Helen Zhou
Cherie Weible
Spring 2008
Preservation Department
Annette Morris