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Wireless Internet in the Library

Wireless is available throughout all campus libraries (See  map). There are separate networks available for University of Illinois affiliates and other members of the public.  The following is a brief introduction to using wireless within the libraries.  For further information, connect to CITES at: 


Note: For best performance, CITES recommends that you use an 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless card in your computer.

UIUCnet Wireless: the starter service

UIUCnet Wireless is a simple wireless service that allows you to connect to the Internet with the assistance of add-on authentication tools like  QuickConnect or the  campus VPN. It offers limited access to library databases and online resources.

IllinoisNet: secured, authenticated wireless access

IllinoisNet is a full-featured wireless network, with both authentication and security built into the wireless protocol itself. It is available to current University of Illinois affiliates, and grants you access to the library’s databases and eBooks. Once you've configured your computer to use IllinoisNet, you'll be able to log in automatically, with no add-on services like QuickConnect or the VPN necessary.

If you'd like further advice on choosing between UIUCnet Quick Connect and IllinoisNet, see the  IllinoisNet vs. Quick Connect chart.

EduRoam: available at education and research institutions around the world

EduRoam is a secured wireless service offered at many universities and research centers around the world. If you configure your computer to connect to the EduRoam network while at your own institution, you'll also be able to connect to EduRoam while visiting any other institution that offers it.

EduRoam is best for:

UI Public Wireless: for campus visitors

UI Public Wireless is the only campus network service available without either a NetID or a guest ID. This connection offers limited access to online library resources. It is best for short-term use by library visitors.

Sponsored wireless access: for guests and visiting scholars

If you are not affiliated with the University of Illinois,  you may be able to get a short term account to access computing resources at the University.  You must have a faculty, staff, or student sponsor request access for you.  For more information, see the  CITES guest accounts page. These accounts do not include access to library resources.

Long-term guest Net IDs provide a higher level of service than regular guest accounts and can include access to the Library's e-resources. Scholars visiting the Library  as guests of library personnel for an extended period of time may contact the  University Librarian's office regarding sponsorship for a guest Net ID.  Scholars visiting other academic units on campus may work with their sponsoring departments/colleges to obtain a guest Net ID if needed.

iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad configuration

With a University-specific IllinoisNet configuration profile, iPhone and iPod Touch users can access the campus wireless network seamlessly. For more information, see the  CITES iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad wireless page.

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