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The library does not have any fax machines for public use.   Document Services, located at 54 E. Gregory Drive, is the only faxing service on campus available to the public. Off campus, you can also find faxing service at  FedexOffice .

The following are examples of online fax services that have been reviewed by library staff.

If you just want to fax a couple of pages for free, try...

Faxzero is a free web-based service that is advertiser supported; the site puts an advertisement on a coversheet that the recipient sees.  You cannot receive faxes with this service, but you can send up to two free three page faxes per day to machines in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada.  For longer or advertisement free faxes, there is a charge of $1.99 a page via Paypal.  International rates may also be higher, typically around $4 per fax. Faxzero supports .doc or .pdf files, image files such as .gif, or a text based message.  

If you want to use a desktop client, mobile application, or cloud storage, try...

This downloadable application has a desktop client for Mac, Linux, and Android as well as Facebook and Salesforce. Rates start at $.08 per page (even for toll free numbers) to the US, Canada, and parts of Europe, with rates elsewhere listed online. Hundreds of file formats can be sent, including Microsoft Office documents, images, web pages, and .pdf files.  Fax reception is free and unlimited with an assigned fax number for customers who pay monthly subscription fees.

If you need to receive a fax, try...

The eFaxFree plan allows you to get a fax number (not always a local number) that sends faxes as an attachment in your email.  You can receive up to 20 pages a month free with this service.  You cannot send faxes for free using this service, but do have the option of paying for a monthly fax plan with many other features.

Other subscription based fax services include...

These services are monthly subscription plans that allow users to send and receive faxes.  Most of theses services give you a local or toll free fax number and allow you to manage faxes online without requiring a fax machine.  Pricing, number of included pages, and other features vary by provider and plan.  Please check out these services individually to see what best suits your needs.